Tuesday, November 27, 2012

my quilting history

Hi My name is Carolyn, I've been quilting since I was in my 20's so that is about 40 yrs! I started when my Grandmother passed a quilt on for me to finish. Said " she's the only one that ever asked about how the quilt was going" I had no memory of that! But I took the challenge to a quilt class that serendipity was being held at my church. Looking back on it, I would not pick up that challenge today, as it was all hand embroidered. I hand quilted it too, I didn't do too bad of a job. Now as my eyes get a lot of strain, I only machine quilt.

Years later my older sister claimed that she was the one that had helped gramma with the quilt. I eventually sent it to her in Texas.  Gramma passed away a few yrs later, I inherited some strawberries that she was planning on appliqueing. I had the quilt bug by then and did finish that one too, also quilted by hand. Which I still have.