Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cold day

Oh it is a cold day today, about 32 right now w scattered snow. I woke up at about 4:30 this AM bc I had a stomach ache. I've been on antibiotics for a week tomorrow and need another few days to finish them. But now I'm incredibly tired!

Yesterday my mom helped me get a Linus quilt on my frame. I think that is the hardest part pinning it all on, and then rolling it snugly. I was able to get it finished quilting and w any kind of luck I'll get it off the frame, and trimmed down for binding. I used some 'scraps' of fleece sewn together for the back. but didn't put any quilt batting in it. I really think they are too heavy w batting and fleece.

But at least I might have a Friday Finish with this one!
Next I have to get the trip around the world that has been waiting for quilting on the frame and quilted. That should keep me busy..... plus I have a few other projects in the works.
Easy Street needs borders and I'm not sure what they are going to be right now. I know it won't be lime green, it's my least fav color of all. I like the greys, I like the turquoise, I like the black on white, I even like the purples which is not a fav color of mine either.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Although she has a normal face plate, she is pone of the most perffect machines you can find!
 The Box is clean and in good shape.


These pictures do not do justive to how nice she is. I would like to get $300 for her as she is near to perfect as I have seen w/o a total redo!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 2, featherweights

Day 2 of trying to upload pics! LOL I'm not that computer geekie!So the pics will have to go here this is the oldest, adn is not in as good a shape. Her tension needs to be taken apart and reassembled. it was not reassembled correctly by a previous owner. I have oiled, cleaned her up removevd the dust and thread bunnies. the motor works and the sound is good. cords/wires and switches work. However w/o that tension readjustment, she isn't sew able. I haven't gotten around to it yet.


 The decals are almost gone on her and the paint is not as bright as others are. However she has the ornate face that I love!

the handle on this one is showing it's age however replacements can be purchased
Here are a couple more pics of how worn the decals are.


This machine was owned by Millie, she aparently made a lot of her own clothes. There are a lot of attachments, however she took great care of her machine and it is in beautiful shape.
Can you see the shine on this girl????Sews like a dream!


AJ895707 is a clean mean sewing machine!

This scroll face machine is now sold!

As you can see her decals are  mostly clear, and she sews fabulously. (again the pretty scroll face.)
Although there are some pin marks, the shine on her is outstanding!
 Even the box is clean!

I have a few more I need to get on the web page. I want to sell all of these for about $250.00 I don't know if they are all worth that much, but they are very pretty.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last year I was pretty sick w respiratory problems. I spent a lot of time on ebay looking for a featherweight, and everything else that was around. I did end up wining a few (8 OMG) bids. You never know what you are going to get on Ebay. Even if it isn't miss represented, they say that they know what if it works,  and then it comes and it needs a little minor adjustments.
So now I have 8 featherweights, I'm not Bonnie Hunter! I'm not trying to be a collector. I do own a lot of machines besides the Featherweights though! Some I've inherited, one I'm holding on to for one of my kids..... "It happens... you sew? I have this old...."

So I'm trying to sell a couple of them. 4 to be exact. AJ895707, AJ192236, AE061495, AM 152337.
I'm hoping to get pictures up here. but am feeling overwhelmed w trying to accomplish it all.Partially bc it is time consuming, and partially Bc my respiratory status has AGAIN reared it's ugly head.

I've tried to add a "gadget" to this blog, and can't seem to get it functioning this evening. So tomorrow will have to try again. At least the pics are taken, and are on the computer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Viral illness

Hi All, I seemed to have gotten the virus that everyone else has cough that won't stop, which has triggered my Asthma. I went to the Dr and am now on Prednisone, which makes me crabby, shakey and wanting to do a lot of things.

I'm almost done w what I have been calling the "ugly" linus quilt. it looks the same, only the quilting is a tighter pattern, and I'm farther on the quiltl

Today is a gloomy chilly day and a perfect day to sit down and finish those last two passes w the machine. Cut and bind it could take up the afternoon. But instead, I need to pack, shower and get ready to fly to Phoenix this PM. I'm bringing my mom back to Cincinnati for at least a month.

If I have time, I want to visit a couple of quilt stores and one book store out there. Diane Gabaldon(Outlander series)Poisoned Pen Book store lives near where my mom does, so I was going to stalk the book shop the Poisoned Pen, see if I can see her. The latest book will be out some time this yr, I HOPE! She left us hanging a coule of yrs ago.

Ok I need to go finish packing.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

No sew Day

Hardly any sewing today. I take that back there has been NO sewing today. I've been so busy I didn't realize that.... I do want to add a link to a blogger who is in Aftgan. She is on her 2nd tour of duty and started a blog that has become a life as she knows it.
Mama Turtle
So I've added a link to her blog Check her out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butterfly quilt

The last couple of weeks I've been helping a lady I met from the Senior center  put together a BEAUTIFUL butterfly quilt that she appliqued and embroidered. today it was DO OR DIE! we assembled all of the blocks. Only had to take 4 apart and resew them.

She was amazed about the diamonds that showed up. I wished I had taken pictures of the butterflies and moths that she did but they are ALL Different.

I'm glad we got to this point as I'm going to be OOT next week bringing my mom back to Cincy w me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quilting Mediation

This past w/e I patched some backing ot make it large enough, and some batting to make it large enough for my quilting project for Linus.
As you can see it is streched and sewn in more thanone place. Not my best quilt batting. I did pull it a little closer together where it is thinner.
What I wanted to write about today was the mediative (not the frustration) of quilting. I was a t yoga Monday and the instructor was discussing the medatative use of yoga. How some of hte yogas will do 108 Sun Salutaions a day, and that prayer beads, both Mala and the Rosary have 108 beads. Got me to thinking while I was quilting how medatative the quilting is. It can be calming and thought provocive as the quilter moves across the quilt.
Must be why the begining of the quilt is looser and flowing then
tighter and more of them.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Busy Saturday

Today's activities included grocery shopping, picking up my BIL mail, visiting my BIL at the Nursing, rehab facility, and then coming home for a much desired lunch!

I want to start quilting the 4 quilt tops that I'm ready for. One is a Linus quilt top that someone else made and I promised to quilt it. It is really an ugly combination of squares. She had fabric for the back, but it wasn't enough. So I cut it diagaonally and added in 4 pieces of scraps. Being the cheap skate thrifty person I am, I decided to piece a left over batting together. Well I should have known better! it wasn't enough, and I had to hunt for a smiliar wt batting to combine it. Then I added it to the WRONG SIDE! making it longer not wider!!!! rather than rip it out, I cut it off and attached it the correct way.

I had better do a bang up job of quilting it, bc it has been a trial getting it put together!I'll add pictures after it's quilted.

DH has not been feeling well, he has picked up a cold. I'm trying really hard not to get it. For dinner tonight I made home made bread, and Beef barley soup. the soup was SO GOOD!  nice and thick, and the bread was a little sweet.

I'm feeling very full too.

Well time to check on the clean sheets and make the bed. I'm trying to sanitize them! LOL

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lazy Morning.

I'm having a Lazy Morning. I have a Yoga class to go to in 2 hrs, so I've been sitting and reading email, shopping on Amazon, and thought I would do a little blogging.

The one lady has embroidered a BEAUTIFUL butterfly quilt squares. Althought they are not on Cotton, and the borders she picked are not cotton, which to me makes it difficult to work with, DESPITE all of that, it is going to be beautiful.I don't have a pic of it yet, it is laid out on my spare bed. She ran out of fabric for the borders, because many of them were sewn wrong, and cut different
widths. They are going to work on it Tuesday at our regular group.

I did however get ALL of Easy Street together before the ladies came over.

my next step is of course to put a border on it, and get it quilted, but I have 3 other quilts that need to be quilted first. 2 are crib sized, so they should go fast. I think of them as my practice quilts. I'm going to try to put them on the frame, one after the other. if I can find enough batting, or they may just go w Fleece on the back and no batting.

I have a lot of bits and pieces of batting so there should be enough. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Almost a finish continued

I almost finihsed the Easy Street Quilt, but discovered that I had put the 1/2 of the end triangles on the wrong way. So I unsewed, and resewed them yesterday.

Today after my W/O and a visit to my allergist, it was time for a new vial of allergy shots, so it was time to see the MD again.... They held my allergy shot, and sent me home to get a breathing tx.... I knew they were going to do that. I have been coughing and wheezing for a week now. Ususally about this time I'm needing to have a breathing tx.

ALL is good though. He agreed that it is crazy weather related, and I should continue to use it AS NEEDED. He also prexcribed me a round of prednisone to take while I'm in Phoenix if I need it. Since the last 2 times I've been there I have gotten flair ups of my asthma. PREVENTION! good idea. I hate being on prednisone though. The side affects are Horrible. Sleepless ness shaking, food over eating....

I did finish a hat for my Grand teen last night, but I can't find my tapestry needle so I can pull the last piece of yarn through. Hope to get one this afternoon, or tomoorow.

Ok off to the sewing rm, I'm going to get that Easy street put together!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Almost a Finish

I had some time to sew today and yesterday. I actually was able to get a quilt top finished:
 Here is 1/4 of the top, the light blue borders, and the brown wider border are the suggestions of DGTeen. She is my "colorist". I wasn't so sure about the brown, but I can see it working.
This is the backing along w a couple of "towers" to give me some length. or width as the direction is questionable. If you look closely you can see the Statue of Liberty in the fabric. there are a lot of them all over the backing. That's why I called the 2 strips towers also.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get Easy Street Strips combined because they are draped over my Mid arm frame. I need to actaully get some things QUILTED.... I think I've been piecing forever.