Monday, March 25, 2013

Too busy to post on my Blog

I've been too busy this past couple of weeks to post to my Blog! I haven't been getting much sewing down either.

I've been working on this:
I'm a pattern follower. I like to follow the pattern and don't really like to change the way it's made until I'm into it for a while. After making the mock up and cutting out all of the pieces the way the Pattern called for them I realized that it was just a Flying geese  and I didn't have to do it the way the pattern called.
A 5.5 inch square and then a 2 &7/8  square sewn twice 1/4" from the line

 Cut on the line, and then another 2&7/8  square sewn on the line from the corner of the square that you cut, or rather the 1/2 that you cut.
I went back to Bonnie Hunters page on the Easy Street pattern Flying geese She has a video on that link that shows an easier and I think more accurate flying geese. As you can see it is off by about 1/8 of an inch!
Even though I followed the directions and the cutting on the line and all. It was not accurate.
So I'm finishing it the way I cut them, but bc I'm making 4 similar quilts, w slightly different fabrics I will be switching to the Easy angle method.It just seems so much easier to me.
This goose doesn't look like it has any 90 degree corners!
It's also snowing to beat the band, but we are not getting the 1-8" of snow they threatened us with this past week. Seriously! They started Winter Weather Watches 2 days ago. And now I don't even think there is an inch of snow out there.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainy Day

Sunday 2 of my adult children came over for dinner. I really wanted to show them the quilt I'm giving to one of the friends, but I'm not showing it here till it arrives.... I need to make a label. So I ran what I was going to put on it. Make sure that the name was spelled right, and the wording looks good.

This picture us of the massive rains we had Monday. Some one's blog I follow was talking about having garden envy. That's my garden w the 6 poles and no fence around it, with the massive PUDDLE around that.

One of my readers also asked about the featherweights that I have for sale. All of the one's I have featured are for sale.HERE & Here. I think they are priced as what I would like to get for them. I bought them on EBay, and have rehabbed them and they all sew!

If you are interested please leave me a message, or email me. BUT make sure you have an email address I can get back to you on. The last message I  received did not have an active email address to follow up on. Makes it difficult to follow up on.

Never did get to finish this post time flies when you are having fun!

I need to start on a new quilt. I've promised 4 grandchildren new quilts. I have the fabrics, but not a pattern. All of the fabrics go together, I don't want to put a lot of piecing into them, use larger pieces. Going through a lot of my old patterns to see what I like.

But instead I worked on repairing my mom's quilt it's very thread bare so I had to whip stitch some of it together. Not my favorite thing to do but it's getting pretty worn. her dogs love to dig in it.

I don't remember the pattern name, but it was a shop hop pattern. I didn't do the shop hop, but did the patterns. One of the shops allowed me to purchase the whole thing. I love the cream yellow on this quilt, it's a very mellow yellow.
Here you can see where the stitching has worn off, and I was lucky enough to have a little of the thread left to re-quilt it. Took me longer to pin it to the mid arm frame than it did to quilt it.

Yesterday I also had a "aggravated mole" removed from my face near my ear. She called it a mole, I call it a Birthmark. It started growing a few months ago, then I accidentally scratched it. Anyway it's off, the biopsy will be done and results in 7 days. I'm happy w that.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Early Wake up call

I was up at 5AM this morning! The hall light was on and shining in my bedroom. I din't leave it on last night and DH asked why it was on. I turned it off and heard someone downstairs, my mom is staying with us and she says I knocked on her door and told her I was leaving. I do have an appointment to work out at 9:30 and was planning to leave early. I would have knocked on her door to make sure she gets up. She is diabetic and does better if she eats at regular times.

However she was making a cup of instant coffee and didn't notice that it was 5AM!!! or that it was still dark out! So we sat and drank coffee together. She ahd already done her morning routine, and fixed some breakfast. after her coffee and our talk, she went back to bed, and I am wide awake!!!!

No progress on my quilts yesterday. It turned in to a  DR visit an then an allergy shot visit, and by the time I got home from the second one and stopped at the grocery for a few things it was time for dinner.

I did decide to tear out a shawl/sweater I've been making. the guage is way off by about 4" HERE I bought it last April at the Cincinnati show of the Houston International Quilt show I was thinking I might actually get it done. But laying it out I could see that it was OFF!!!!! Darn it anyway. My mom did tear it out and reball the yarn for me. Which was painful to watch but I know it I would not be happy if it wasn't done right and didn't fit!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowy Day

Oh we did get a snow fall last night! they were threatening snow for about 3 days (REALLY!!!) and we have about 3-4 in out side.

 It's really beautiful! but COLD!!!! I can't say that we have had all that much snow this year, I think we are actually low on the snow fall totals.But this system really droped some inches.

I do have to go out this AM, as my mom has an eye appointment to get to. But other than that, I'd be home in the sewing room all day!


I've been working on this which is a trip around the world quilt. I like the wild stars and curls that i did free hand!


On this one you can see the backing a little. I did finish the wild stars and took it off my Midarm last night. Then I spend about an hr not completely cleaning off the sewing table. Today I'm hoping to cut it down and start pinning the binding.
I'm not going to sublish a pic of the whole thing, until it arrives at it's destination. I want to surprise the new owner.
Well I have to get out there and shovel some snow w DH. He's on the tractor, I'm going to get the shovel and do the front walk.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Featherweight AG527124

AG 527124

This is the last featherweight that I have she has had a little bit of a rough life.Here's the bottom, and you can see her 'feet' are old and need to be replaced. but other than that the bottom is very clean.

She does sew a pretty stitch, better balanced than I remember. after first receiving her. All I've done is the basic cleaning, delinting, and oiling which is standard for any old gal....

There is a screw on the 'deck' where it folds up in the rear that is missing adn the four feet on bottom look like they are melted.

Someone used something to clean up the deck of the sewing machine and it has diminished the shine. the decals as you can see are almost gone towards the front of the machine, but the back shows how beautiful the decals were at one time.

Isn't that a pretty stitch! I've used 2 different color threads on this scrap just to prove that there isn't a problem w the tension. Of course changeing a needle, different fabric, and same threads are important in tension too. Right now there isn't much of a problem.

Another Featherweight AG530646

Last year, I became slightly addicted to Ebay! Yes I know, know your limits.... and apparently I didn't. I know own 8 machines! OMG I don't need 8 of them!

They are each unique and I have posted some of them here.HERE &HERE I would like to sell them and have priced them as I think they should be.

However I have 2 more 1946 And 1945 machines that I just don't have the time to fix up. I;m also not a s good a photoghrapher as my grand teen! She is awesome! very detailed in her pictures too. Maybe it's that she has a more awesome camera than me! I used a Sony Point and shoot for these! LOL But you get the idea.

First off I want to show you a 1945 AG530546

Her decals a a bit scratched and someone (NOT ME!) The back of the machine How shows the pretty decals can be.


The Box Bowever needs some TLC. I know that a new handle can be purchased, and reattached, I really haven't had time to get around to it. The latches work, and the sewing machine can be carried the way it is.
There is also a tray w the case, but I didn't get a good picture of it. Like I said I'm using the point and shoot Sony! It or maybe I have some issues getting a good picture of a black tray.
The nicest thing about this machine is that she is a scroll face! Which is my favorite part of the old Singers. You just don't find as nice a decoration on more modern machines. Don't get me wrong, I have a Pfaff w all the bells and whistles and I love her to death! I wish I could get the automatic needle threading attachement for the older machines! It would be great!

Now the real question is does she work, does she sew????? yes she does! the motor isn't as strong as I would like, but she humms when she runs! No clicking, no knocking, even stitches. I think the tension is a little off, but all things considering she is a beauty.

Motors on Featherweights also require cleaning and greasing. I have not taken her's apart to  see if it will make a difference.

In her present condition, considering that she needs only adjustments to the tension which could be just the thread or a new needle. I feel that she is worth $250.00.

Contact me if you want to know anything more.