Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I've been finishing quilts lately. Mostly because 2 of our 3 computers have either died, or are very ill! I have lost most of the pictures I had on the laptop. But am hoping to have the hard drive looked at and have them pulled off. Still I know I have lost a lot of things. I have an external hard drive, that was backing up both computers, but I can't seem to get the info off that for the laptop onto the sick computer. (really it just OLD). We did buy a new iMac mini, which is still in the box. DH was going to put it together, and use the monitor from the desktop. However my attempts to 'save' the info I have on it took 2 full days! now a month later, I'm still trying to "Find" my saved items.

While waiting to down load items, I have managed to quilt a donation quilt,
Donation quilt

and finish 3 of the 4 quilts for the " wild women".

The second one is done w the quilting, but still on the frame.

I have 2 more to quilt,
Eleanor Burns Pink Lemonade

and one to make for the grandson. I don't want to leave him out of the process. I was thinking of making Bonnie hunters dancing 9 patch but I finally choose a pattern called Slanted triangles. I  changed the design on the quilt for the grandson's quilt called slanting triangles. But I have decided to change the design as the directions are not accurate, nor was it big enough.

Back after quilting