Monday, December 22, 2014

Mystery Quilt Delays

I was all caught up w the Mystery Quilt, Grand Illusion.

So I started to work on an older quilt that will be for one of my nieces. It's mostly in Batiks, and I scored some on a sale BOGO! can't beat that!  During the GI hiatus, I cut the remainder that I needed out, and started putting them together.
I'm not sure of this layout yet this is my first placement.
I might move some around.

Then came this past w/e. We had to go do some Christmas stuff. I was also making batches of Cookie dough for what my DD call "Cookie Armageddon".

                                                                                                                                                                 Some of the Grands came over and were very good at making the cookie balls, and conservative w the ones they ate and brought home.

 Truthfully last year was Far Worse.

Friday I was able to start sewing and Saturday. But this is all the farther I have gotten on the GI mystery quilt.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mystery quilt Link up part 3

Thank you Bonnie for an easier step three. Step one and 2 were challenging, but I made it through them. Step 3, I though was going to be a breeze, but still I had some difficulty getting them done and with the black square in the left hand upper corner. Once I did it in the middle.
OPPS where's that ripper!

Towards the end I was scrambling to find enough neutrals, then found
whole box full of cut 2" squares and rectangles!

There was one point when I was approaching the LAST SET, that I dug through my trash to find some more green. Not wanting to cut anymore of the strips to get 1 square.
I also was able to find a Large box to put all of my finished pieces into.

 Now on to cookie dough making and MAYBE just Maybe I'll start quilting the quilt that has been on my frame for 2+weeks, Bc I was out of batting (that I know have!)

Monday, December 8, 2014

 Hi all I've had a lot of issues getting photo's to load.... it's a search and find thing. I posted on FB and Janet Mercer helped me out. As I've been unable to post pic.... Now to go back and ADD pic to some older blogs!
We went to the Horse parade in Lebanon, Ohio and also to Waynesville, Ohio. I saw a few antiques sewing machines there. None came home w me, but I know many are interested in machines. I thought the note on the treadle was interning. "key and 2nd shuttle and mysterious accessories in #13 locked case"! LOL it was $175! Not sure if it was worth it.

Wilcox seen at Mulberry street antique store, in Lebanon, Ohio 

1950's worn to silver decals

1950+'s Feather weight case it's seen better days
Also this WILCOX machine and wooden case. I think the price was $350. I  could be wrong. I'm not that interested in it. They also had a very pretty 1950's feather weight, but it was pretty expensive for my taste. $350. I didn't see a box and now am upset that I didn't ask.
BC later in Waynesville I did see this worn to silver and beat up case of $250. I think it should have been for sale fro a lot less.

As for my Mystery quilt hook up... Here's some fabric I bought in Waynesville at The Fabric Shack.

I didn't choose any of my fabrics with Bonnie's paint chips, I decided the Friday it started, when I found  these at a shop in Madison, Indiana. It's called  'Fabric Store'!  None of his fabrics are recent, looks more like buyouts. But I'm OK w that. Here's what I got there :

and did this with:
This is step 1 completed, and the beginnings of step 2.... Now enough of this fiddling around... I've got some sewing to do!