Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And then there were 6 (Featherweights that is)

I've slowly been selling off my Featherweights. Only 2 so far. I really haven't put a lot of effort in to it. So I thought I would re post my pictures of what I have left.
All of them sew beautifully, I've re greased, oiled and fixed somethings.

She's a beautiful 1955 and very clean.
Here is a 1946 scroll face who also has been adjusted and sews great!
 She obviously needs 4 new 'feet' which can be purchased on line

Pretty little scroll face of the 1945-6 era.Her decals don't show up well, they are worn where hands have sewn for decades.
Her one draw back, is the handle which is easily replaced. and can be bought on line.

I hope you can see on this picture how great she sews. Her decals don't show up well, they are worn where hands have sewn for decades.
Let me introduce "Millie"  I named her, bc there is info in the box from the original owner. She must have made all her and many others clothes, bc there are a lot of attachments.

 Although this is dated 1950, her serial numberAJ192236 is from 1949. She too is really nice, sews like she is brand new.
My last one is AM162337
I actually took this one with me when I went to Florida and attended a workshop. She is in pristine condition.

Even her box is in fabulous condition!
Blind stitch attachment.

A close up of her decals.Most of these I was $250.00 for but this one I think is worth $300.00.                                               I have 2 others, that I am keeping. It was a hard decision as to which to sell and which to keep.                                     

Try it out Tuesday!

Well I did try it on Tuesday, even if I didn't post it till today.
I borrowed my DD's  Shark Steam Cleaner Absolutely LOVE it. I did my huge kitchen tile floor in 15 min! the mop head cleans up nicely, and I also did my steps, hallway and dining room. (hard wood)!

I also went to the Quilt Festival in Cincinnati last week and am now waiting for the delivery of my 17" Fun quilter you can see it at this link: Fun Quilter17 it's the center photo! I'm very excited, it will double my quilting space. Although it isn't what I want, I can't upgrade on that frame, but the Nolting Dealer is going to look for a used 20" and a 10-11ft metal frame. Maybe I'll be able to upgrade. Maybe I'll just love it and be happy.

I have 1 baby quilt made that I can practice on, and plans to cut some blocks to finish another one that I started. Both will be a few weeks out b4 I'll be able to do it. I think that will be good timing.

Sorry no pictures today. I have a meeting in an hour too!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little of this and a Little of that.

After our Florida vacation, I needed to get in the garden and start planting somethings, Beans, and tomato's mostly. WEED a lot. add more compost to the garden, add some flowers, and put up the DEER FENCING!!!! I should have a pic of the garden but apparently I don't.

OMG the deer will eat all of my crops w/o a product called Deer netting. It is actually a large net, that is 7 ft by a few hundred. on fencing one can't even see it but the deer don't like it touching their heads/antlers so they avoid it. I believe that they could jump into the garden but they don't.

I planted some deer resistant plants on the outside of the garden as I have for a few yrs.
Finally a finish on my Easy Street quilt it's going to my niece
 that is going to a graduate this w/e. I really felt relieved when I finished it. It was a LARGE quilt even w/o the borders. It felt like I would never get it done.

Here's a close up of the quilting well sorta. And trimming the back and batting for the binding.

When I was taught to use my mid arm on the frame I was told to safety pin the top back etc to the muslin  rollers. When I was in Florida I stopped in at  Alma Sue's  not only do they have AMISH hand quilters, they also long arm I watched someone setting up a table runner on the long arm and she was using straight pins. Hat pins actually. They have them there, but since I was traveling I opted to not purchase them. Instead I found Joanns has some 1& 7/8  straight pins, and Hobby Lobby has some 2 " pins! I used them on Easy Street and it was so much easier to attach the quilt, and they held fine! Removal was even easier.

I also took a class at Country Bears and Quilts This is their web page, not the Newsletter where they have class lists. But they have some remarkable bears all made by Francy Gordon  @Bears: Plain and Francy  She had a wonderful class and I have a new UFO! LOL It's on the list. All he/she needs is stuffing, and closing up.
He's actually stuffed, but he has this scowling face, He looks better here w a cup of coffee

I've also been trying to exercise more as I really REALLY want to get some more wt off before my DD gets married July 6th. You think I would be working on her quilt and truthfully it is on the back burner, bc I'm not sure how or what I want to use for sashing. I think it needs sashing.... But it is sitting in a shoe box w the fabrics looking forlorn!

I bought this fabric while I was at Country Quilts and Bears too, along with this:
It is for the grand girls that we call the "Wild Women". I tried to get a better pic of it but it says is 'Star light star bright First star I see tonight" I thought it looked perfect w my little stars!

 I also picked some overgrown strawberries and we made 7 1/2 pints of jam. Back breaking work picking strawberries.

I also started quilting this lap robe for the senior center quilt group:
So Although I have not been blogging, I have been working.