Monday, February 2, 2015

Grand Illusion, continues

I haven't gotten  a lot done of GI yet. I continued on w all of the BB quilts. All but one has been given to the parents & BB's. The first is a quilt for my niece. it's a Wondering Path often called something else but I don't like that name. Mostly in Batiks. I wrote about this in another blog post. you can read about it here

I have done 3 Of Bonnies "Emery Stars". This is the second one I just LOVE this BB picture too.
 She is just so enthusiastic!
The left Emery Stars I don't have a picture of the BB on the quilt yet... New parents! I love this pattern, as I used most of my Bonus triangles for it. I think I have another one set up with all the black and neutrals from GI.

This last one is of the Grand Illusion.... all the farther I have gotten. I hear that a local quilt store is doing a Saturday UFO in Feb... I think I might have to join. Just to get them DONE.

So I'm using 'my' plan for Borders as a leader ender project for Celtic Solstice while I assemble my GI mystery quilt.