Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cinder Blocks & Milky Way.

I've not been blogging for awhile, busy with this and that. As for what I'm working on it's been giving me Headaches... Some times I think I might have a seizure it's so vibrant. 2 of the Granddaughters moved into new bedrooms and they painted them PINK. That alone is vibrant, but they have purchased them ceiling lights, and the pattern reminded me of one that I had gotten in the mail, a free pattern so that I would be enticed to buy a quilting magazine.
 It was one of Fons and Porter patterns called Milky Way. So one quilt was supposed to be white, black and PINK as in FUSHIA or HOT pink.... The other Just Pink and Purple. Only now she is not sure about the pattern. It's a pending problem.

Here's a pic of the one.

 Since I took that picture I have added 4 squares of the pink and black and white fabrics and then a border of black. I will be quilting it next week.

I also finished Jo & Kelli Kramer's, Cinder Block for my Niece's graduation from HS.

Here's a picture of the quilting a used a square Ruler from Quilters Rule. It's not perfect, but neither am I!