Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wedding shower Cookies

I had a fun weekend. I started w making some cookies for my darling step daughters(DD) wedding shower. I did 2 bathces of rolled cookies on Saturday and Sunday. Usually I work Out w DD and a trainer on Sunday AM. but I called off sick. A frined of mine was coming over in the PM to decorate the fancy hearts in to bride and groom cookies!

I call these the bridesmaid cookies! LOL she free handed the decorations and I put the red sugar crystals on them.
Then she made these !

and THESE!
It was amazing to watch her work I had bought the Fondant for her the day before. it was very stiff and hard to work.
here she's rolling out the fondant to 1/4"

She took each heart and cut the shape out for the tux, and free handed the lines on it!
These were awesome!
I was no help what so ever!
Photo: 24 hours after cutting my thumb and the nail partially off, I ended up going to the ER to get it to stop bleeding. 2 hrs in the ER and I'm home w orders to leave it alone for 48 hrs, return if it starts bleeding again. Then take the dressing off after 48 hrs. I think I will go read a book. TG I had a tetanus shot in 2010. I hate those.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Retirement is hard!

Not Much is happening in my world. I decided I was going to get my Easy Street quilt quilted, but I need to make the backing. The fabric I have is not large enough. Not a deal killer, but I always like the backs of my quilts to look nice too.

Plus it's going to my niece so I want to put her name on it. I spend a day making the wording look good. Still have not written it in indelible ink. and I want to sew the piece into the quilt backing.

My DH's DD3 is getting married in July. I have talked about her quilt in the previous post and still have not made a decision on the sashing fabric. Her wedding shower is next Saturday. I saw these really cute cookies decorated like a bride and groom. Heart shaped cookies in a Wedding dress and Tux. There's no way I would do this by myself, But I have a friend (who also cleans my house OMG I must clean up b4 she gets here!) who is very gifted in decorating things like this. She's available Sunday and is going to help me decorate them.

That means that I need to make the dough tonight, refrigerate it, and bake them up tomorrow. Of course I'm supposed to drive up to see my DD north of the city, tomorrow and take DH to a train show that is around the corner from her. ARGH this retirement is hard.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Continuing the journey.

Along with my quilting Journey, I'm a life time Weight Watcher trying to get back to goal. It takes 2-3 days to gain 5 lbs and months to get it back off. This week despite being a fantastic food plan week, and exercise has been great too, it has been an emotional week. However I didn't look to food for comfort. I was in control and was able to speak my mind at a conference planing the care of my BIL, and that is a whole other me!

I do want to share some quilts from the Internations Quilt Festival Cincinnati. If you get a chance to go it is so nice!

These are tiny Hex's appliqued to make the flowers. Something I will never do it's too tiny.
Here are some flowers that both my DGT and I loved they were appliqued, and painted I think.

 I've blown this pic up so that the Tulle and sewing can be seen. very intereseting way to get demention and applique on it.
Even htis Herron is appliqued in more traditional way, but I think there was still some painting on it.
I was these on Thursday and when I saw them on Saturday I realized that they had taken 4 sunflowers and cut them into 4ths and sewn them back together! OH MY. the beading and decortations on each flower is consistiant in all 4!

I love the little bird on top of the flower.

This is just a typical applique flowers. but I loved it. I wish my own garden was so nice.
Again my favorites are the appliques.... but those are also the ones I don't like to make!

these 2 birds are so similar and yet so different.
DGT didn't get another shot of this rambling rose. At least I haven't found it yet in the 137 pics she took. It's done over a pieced quilt! that's a lot of work!
That's all for now. I lot of pics and hopefully it will spur my imagination on.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun at the International Quilt Festival Cincinnati!

The International Quilting Festival is in town this week. I spent the day there  yesterday with Alice the woman I worked on her Butterfly quilt HERE and here we are at the Quilt Festival.Photo: At the international quilt drastically

It was really nice to have someone to oooh and aaahh over the quilts with. Last yr I went by myself and still had a great time! Everyone there has something in common.It's easy to talk to strangers at a quilt show.
 I bought some fabric to go with this quilt:
I bought fabric in the Kaffe Fassett collection several many yrs ago. And I started making the blocks. I then decided that it would be a good quilt to give to my (step) DD for her wedding in July 2013. But I knew it wasn't going to be large enough, they have a queen bed now, and they will need to up grade to a king after they move. A large queen is the biggest I want to make. So I added some white sashing to the blocks

No matter what I did though the sashing fabric I had that coordinated w the quilt was not enough!!!! I placed the whole thing in a shoe box and it has been a UFO for quite a while. So here it is with 2 fabrics I bought for the sashing along w the coordinating fabric for the borders. I purchased them from Fabric Fanatics (Plano Tx) Their batiks were very reasonable at about $10/yd

This is the coordinating border fabric, which I love and will hate to cut up!

 I know that Jo at Jo's Country junction.Jo's UFO you do have to page down to see here version. I'm going to send her a link to this quilt hope I can get some comments that will help me decide which fabric to use for the sashing, the Blue batik, or the tan and Black?
DGT is also coming over tomorrow to photograph the International Quilt Show for me. Hopefully I'll have some pics to share. She is a better photographer than me.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing prevention

This is supposed to be a quilting blog, about things that I quilt/sew. but I have nothing to show or share.

Since I posted last, I have been at the Hospital for 10 days helping to take care of my BIL who is Developmentally Delayed. He has since returned to the nursing home unfortunately they are the ones that caused his problem to be so bad. BC he has behavior issues, we found it impossible to get him to any other facility. Even one that had cared for him 6 yrs ago.

OH well I doubt that they will make the same mistake again. DH has just left to go visit and help him eat dinner. On Tuesday BIL has a scheduled surgery to change a kidney stent. It's been a roller coaster ride w him since January.

Just trying to keep up w the house work, when you come home at 7 PM from the hospital is too exhausting to even think about sewing. I did manage to get some of my vegetable garden planted. Now to figure out how to get the Deer to eat elsewhere. It's too small a plot to electrify.