Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butterfly quilt

The last couple of weeks I've been helping a lady I met from the Senior center  put together a BEAUTIFUL butterfly quilt that she appliqued and embroidered. today it was DO OR DIE! we assembled all of the blocks. Only had to take 4 apart and resew them.

She was amazed about the diamonds that showed up. I wished I had taken pictures of the butterflies and moths that she did but they are ALL Different.

I'm glad we got to this point as I'm going to be OOT next week bringing my mom back to Cincy w me.


  1. Beautiful! What a sweet gesture you did to bless that lady!!!

    1. Thank you! I actually enjoyed it. assembly and seeing the finished project come together is very exciting part of quilting.

  2. I remember those butterfly and moths iron-on transfers! Somewhere in storage, I still have a few of them. That's a gorgeous quilt top she did. How nice of you to help her.

  3. Actually she foudn those at a school store, and drew them on to her fabric, and did the applique and embroidery by hand! none of her fabrics are cotton. Since this pic was taken she has started doing some other embroidery on the black borders.... I can't wait to see how it turns out.