Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 2, featherweights

Day 2 of trying to upload pics! LOL I'm not that computer geekie!So the pics will have to go here this is the oldest, adn is not in as good a shape. Her tension needs to be taken apart and reassembled. it was not reassembled correctly by a previous owner. I have oiled, cleaned her up removevd the dust and thread bunnies. the motor works and the sound is good. cords/wires and switches work. However w/o that tension readjustment, she isn't sew able. I haven't gotten around to it yet.


 The decals are almost gone on her and the paint is not as bright as others are. However she has the ornate face that I love!

the handle on this one is showing it's age however replacements can be purchased
Here are a couple more pics of how worn the decals are.


This machine was owned by Millie, she aparently made a lot of her own clothes. There are a lot of attachments, however she took great care of her machine and it is in beautiful shape.
Can you see the shine on this girl????Sews like a dream!


AJ895707 is a clean mean sewing machine!

This scroll face machine is now sold!

As you can see her decals are  mostly clear, and she sews fabulously. (again the pretty scroll face.)
Although there are some pin marks, the shine on her is outstanding!
 Even the box is clean!

I have a few more I need to get on the web page. I want to sell all of these for about $250.00 I don't know if they are all worth that much, but they are very pretty.


  1. I've sent you an email re AE061495 I hope you received it.

    1. No I didn't reciece and Email from you. Although I did get the above message in my email. Let's try again.

  2. I re-sent the email. I emailed it in reply to an email you sent me. It was sent to your addy. You can email me directly at nankc at comcast dot net.