Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quilting Mediation

This past w/e I patched some backing ot make it large enough, and some batting to make it large enough for my quilting project for Linus.
As you can see it is streched and sewn in more thanone place. Not my best quilt batting. I did pull it a little closer together where it is thinner.
What I wanted to write about today was the mediative (not the frustration) of quilting. I was a t yoga Monday and the instructor was discussing the medatative use of yoga. How some of hte yogas will do 108 Sun Salutaions a day, and that prayer beads, both Mala and the Rosary have 108 beads. Got me to thinking while I was quilting how medatative the quilting is. It can be calming and thought provocive as the quilter moves across the quilt.
Must be why the begining of the quilt is looser and flowing then
tighter and more of them.

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