Saturday, February 9, 2013

Busy Saturday

Today's activities included grocery shopping, picking up my BIL mail, visiting my BIL at the Nursing, rehab facility, and then coming home for a much desired lunch!

I want to start quilting the 4 quilt tops that I'm ready for. One is a Linus quilt top that someone else made and I promised to quilt it. It is really an ugly combination of squares. She had fabric for the back, but it wasn't enough. So I cut it diagaonally and added in 4 pieces of scraps. Being the cheap skate thrifty person I am, I decided to piece a left over batting together. Well I should have known better! it wasn't enough, and I had to hunt for a smiliar wt batting to combine it. Then I added it to the WRONG SIDE! making it longer not wider!!!! rather than rip it out, I cut it off and attached it the correct way.

I had better do a bang up job of quilting it, bc it has been a trial getting it put together!I'll add pictures after it's quilted.

DH has not been feeling well, he has picked up a cold. I'm trying really hard not to get it. For dinner tonight I made home made bread, and Beef barley soup. the soup was SO GOOD!  nice and thick, and the bread was a little sweet.

I'm feeling very full too.

Well time to check on the clean sheets and make the bed. I'm trying to sanitize them! LOL

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