Sunday, December 20, 2015

Allietare part 4

I don't know how some you get so much accomplished! I have managed to get mine cut out and that is IT!

Friday I assembled the fabric, panicked because I couldn't find my blacks.... then found them. Finished a quilt for 2 of my DGDs... commissioned quilts I've been working on for the LONGEST time! TOO LONG. Glad they are finished and so are they!

Went to Pilates, came home to go to the grocery, and run around a bit with DH to see some Christmas stuff.
Saturday I insisted on at least CUTTING out all of my pieces. Then we went to several antique malls in the area. A LOT of driving to do all of that.... stopped in at a quilt store
and bought some fabric (1/2 price) for a future project. Then on to YET another antique mall. He did buy another Bridge Lamp. Got a great price on it. and I found some buttons for a friend of mine. Came home and threw some dinner together. Then proceeded to make 3 batches of cookies for when the grands come over TODAY to bake cookies!

DH has a special kind of bar cookies he likes (they are OK) But I was really tired by that time and while reading the recipe I read 2 tsp of salt.... no it was 1/8 tsp of salt, and 2 tsp of cinnamon!!!! I tasted the dough after they were in the oven as I was cleaning up.... YUCK! he is trying to save them. He hates to waste anything.

I promised to make him another batch.

Here's a link to some Featherweights from a previous post that I need to sell. I have too big of a herd. They have been sewn with by me after cleaning and updating small repairs. Scrollwork-Featherweights for sale

Monday, December 14, 2015

Allietre mystery quilt

Having trouble getting signed in.... so I never updated my blog since Oct!!!!
Didn't do anything with the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter is doing. But I'm ready to start clue 3 today.

As you can see I did ALL 80 of the santa hats WRONG, I cut the triangle too big, and had to rip, cut down and resew! It took me another whole day to catch up!

Now I'm on to the third Clue, done a lot of cutting. A lot of Christmas activities too. SO AGAIN, I am behind.
and to top it all off we are having spring like temps! I really want to go outside for a walk or something!
 so here's clue 1Complete!

 and clue 2 comple! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
For clue 3 I decided to cut all my 3.5 X 7.5 pieces first out of strips, then cut my 2" strips from the remaining neutrals. I think it went well.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scrollwork Featherweights

Again I have accumulated a few Featherweights that I want to sell! I try to pick up some ever so often and do the repairs, get them sewing well and resell them. However I've had these for almost a yr, and have not gotten around to fixing them up, until recently. I'd like to get $325 plus shipping, and I take Paypal of course.

1938 AE990039
First off I have a cute little 1938 with a serial number of AE990039. I've replaced the feet, oil pan felt, and cleaned her up... she purrs when she sews! Her stitching is as good as when she was bought.
beautiful stitches

box is not in the best of shape, but it has a handle and locks!

accessories for 1938!

Next Is a 1937 AE409553
I did as I did for the above, and DH (who is an electrician) has checked over the electrical on both.

The box for the 1937 is in really good shape, handle, locks, no keys though.

1937 AE409553

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cinder Blocks & Milky Way.

I've not been blogging for awhile, busy with this and that. As for what I'm working on it's been giving me Headaches... Some times I think I might have a seizure it's so vibrant. 2 of the Granddaughters moved into new bedrooms and they painted them PINK. That alone is vibrant, but they have purchased them ceiling lights, and the pattern reminded me of one that I had gotten in the mail, a free pattern so that I would be enticed to buy a quilting magazine.
 It was one of Fons and Porter patterns called Milky Way. So one quilt was supposed to be white, black and PINK as in FUSHIA or HOT pink.... The other Just Pink and Purple. Only now she is not sure about the pattern. It's a pending problem.

Here's a pic of the one.

 Since I took that picture I have added 4 squares of the pink and black and white fabrics and then a border of black. I will be quilting it next week.

I also finished Jo & Kelli Kramer's, Cinder Block for my Niece's graduation from HS.

Here's a picture of the quilting a used a square Ruler from Quilters Rule. It's not perfect, but neither am I!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Grand Illusion, continues

I haven't gotten  a lot done of GI yet. I continued on w all of the BB quilts. All but one has been given to the parents & BB's. The first is a quilt for my niece. it's a Wondering Path often called something else but I don't like that name. Mostly in Batiks. I wrote about this in another blog post. you can read about it here

I have done 3 Of Bonnies "Emery Stars". This is the second one I just LOVE this BB picture too.
 She is just so enthusiastic!
The left Emery Stars I don't have a picture of the BB on the quilt yet... New parents! I love this pattern, as I used most of my Bonus triangles for it. I think I have another one set up with all the black and neutrals from GI.

This last one is of the Grand Illusion.... all the farther I have gotten. I hear that a local quilt store is doing a Saturday UFO in Feb... I think I might have to join. Just to get them DONE.

So I'm using 'my' plan for Borders as a leader ender project for Celtic Solstice while I assemble my GI mystery quilt.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Finished!

Actually I finished this this past week. Nothing fancy on the quilting, Just wanted to Get Them Done! This is a quilt for my niece I think I promised her one 2 yrs ago... I'm not that fast but this went together well. Its often called Wanders Path.
This is a baby quilt that I whipped up with out knowing who is the recipient. I just wanted to use up some of my scarps. It's going to my yoga instructor who had a BB on Dec 24.
and the back of the quilt with a picture of the embroidered label.

Now I'm working on another BB quilt using the bonus triangles from Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt, Grand Illusion:
This is all the farther I have gotten on it.