Thursday, January 31, 2013


So here's the plan, Birthday, on Jan 25th, usually I'm on a spiritual retreat, but not enough participants it was canceled. That's OK I'll go to yoga, then sew Easy Street together and it will be ready to go on the quilting frame! (of course I have another 2 quilts that need to be quilted first).

While I was at Yoga DH called me to tell me BIL had fallen, He didn't want me to leave yoga, but to meet him at BIL house. BIL is MRDD, and doesn't communicate pain well. So of course he has a broken wrist and hip. I did finish yoga like DH told me to, but we have spent most of the past week in the hospital w him bc he communicates so poorly.Making sure he has pain meds b4 his PT. Nures" are you in pain?" BIL "NO" then a scream when they try to get him up.

Also since he is right handed he can't handle a fork/spoon w his lt at all.

So  here is where I am at w Easy Street:
and OH no what is this???
Can you see where I have sewn 2 of the same color blocks together? HA! so I cut the bottom one off. I'm not unsewing and resewing at this point!
All of my strips are together, I just ahve to put the end triangles on the right way, and here it waits for me to do that.
DH is at the Hospital still w his brother they still have not transported him to the rehab facility; maybe tomorrow.
I have spent the day working w the ladies at the senior center; we have been making great granny squares, some are experieiced quilters, some novice. It's been fun, I can't wait till all the quilts are done.
Nothing finished today, including mine. I do have borders picked out, and helped 3 of the ladies get to a place where they seem to know what they are doing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grateful week

Can't believe that it's been about 10 days since I posted. I'm not like some people who can post 2-3x a day, I'm having difficulty reading all those people and keeping up w their lives.

So heres' what's been going on in my world.
1) I did a class at the senior center to get more people involved in quilting. there were about 6 of the 8 people who signed up. We did Great Granny Squares. next Thursday we will have a follow up to finish.

2) I did take pictures, but didn't ask permission to put them here so I'm waiting.

3) I went to the Ice Fest in Hamilton Ohio, w my Grand teen, and DH stopped briefly at Bella Quilts too, to pick up a ruler for someone. Yes I bought a little fabric but only 1/4 yd

4) I have been working slowly on my Easy Street, I need 4 more blocks to finish the blocks and start assembling the quilt.

5) I haven't had a lot of time to sew this week bc of BIL being ill. He is MRDD and lives at his childhood home for now. He has a daily care but is now at age 70 having some dementia and kidney problems.

6) I work out 4x a week. 2 days yoga, 2 days Pilate's or trainer time. It takes more to keep this old woman in shape!

7) Monday I did yoga, then changed clothes and went to the north side of the city to pick up the Grand Teen we had a day planned that started w lunch and Ikea, then some stuff she wanted to do, Plato's closet! Well TG I stopped to change and chat at the owner of the yoga place, I was 10-15 min away from the HUGE wreck that happened on I-275 In Cincinnati on the 21st! OMG the pictures are scary. As it turned out 79 car pile up, several semi trucks, w one 12yr old fatality. It took me 2 hrs to make what should have been a 45 min drive!

I feel gratitude and sorrow at the same time!

And here's a pic to leave you with one of my Fetherweights, I was sewing strings, no project, just seeing how well she ran after DH worked on her.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mice and Men! & Featherweights!

I had planned on a quickie post about a class I'm going to teach on Great Granny Squares, this Thursday at my Senior Center. I had planned on posting some pictures of my Featheweights while i was sewing on them.... But as plans go... It isn't happening.

A couple of the woman participating do not have machines that are portable, so I'm bringing 2 of my Featherweights (YES I have about 8 of them.... and then need new homes!) So I asked DH if he could look at one that is making a funny noise. Nancy Sue a 1955 featherweight!

WELL I blew a circuit when I plugged it in, the wire was not properly attached to the plug. He rewired it. He asked why I wasn't using this other one (Alexandria... she is a tramp, and has a tramp stamp on her back) It isn't running well; freezes up on me. He oiled it got it running well, BUT!!!! the amount of oil! it will be leaking on my fabric.... He takes Nancy Sue (1955) downstairs to work on the plug and the noise. I try to run Alexandria and she is totally froze up!!!!

So now he is taking the motor apart, cleaning it up,says it has never been greased! OH my what a mess.... and no sewing done!

time for dinner!

He was able to get Alexandria running really well, she is a beauty.... However i was not able to get any as in ZERO! sewing done.I wish she wasn't so shiny, you could see her decals. There are some dings, and scratch marks that come w age. But she has been well taken care of. You  can see here what I call her "Tramp Stamp" it's someone's name on the back. Hence her name Alexandria! I will probably be keeping her.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back w Pictures of Easy Street

So I finally figured out what I was doing wrong on my blog to not be able to load pictures. I had updated Google Chrome, and I really don't like it. But it allowed me (I THINK) to Bump pictures from my Phone to my computer. So I signed in to Google Chrome, and then I can surprise upload pictures.
So here are current Pictures of where I am at on ES:

 I have the first 16 squares and the side triangles done. I need to cut more 3.5 " squares of LIME green and sew then together.
I started a Leader Ender project w the assembly of the Squares. I have a quilt started w my Grand Teen but have not been working on it. I have a lot of trouble working on the quilt for very long too much other things going on. So doing the L&E project  has made me feel more productive.

I'm not sure about the Finishing of any of these projects, But I know I feel more productive and that makes me want to do more.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rough day

I have spent a rough day at the Hospital yesterday. Dear BIL who is developmentally delayed. has a HUGE kidney stone, and they put a stent in. This is something that is going to have to be changed every few months till they can whittle the size of the stone down and hopefully he will pass it. HE denies any pain, but has been so mean this past yr.... he is 70, and is also having some dementia problems. Needless to say DH was over there a lot yesterday. I slept poorly the night b4 and last night I know I got my 8 hrs.... but I could use some more.

I did however get to work on some knitting, and EASY Street, which BTW I don't think it's that easy. It is breaking it down the way Bonnie did (love you Bonnie if you read this ever) but it's complicated and I think time consuming.

For me I have to lay everything out, make sure the 1/4 seams are turned so that they go together well. and I think I can get 1-2 blocks done in an afternoon. I have 3 more of the first block set done. I stopped last night b4 finishing the 1st of the last 3 BC I ran out of bobbin thread, and steam....

I'm still unable to load pictures to my site. so sorry if you view this there is no progress to see.

I wonder if It is bc I uploaded Google Chrome to my computer? I bet it is interfering w my up load of pictures. although they should play nice w one another don't you think?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street "under construction"

Yes Easy Street is complicated.... I've gotten 7 done of the first block, and all of the sides and corners done. Others have it finished.... I must be just too busy.

Sure I could be sewing at night, evenings w TV, but I find it easier on my eyes to knit. I'm a fairly new knitter, so I've been working on a couple of hats for my Grands, and now since I got more yarn yesterday (shopping instead of sewing) I am making a couple of scarves to match.

I had planned pictures but apparently that isn't going to work for me today.

I am also planning a quilting workshop at the senior center, teaching Great Granny Squares. I need to get working on my samples so that I have something to teach with. I always work better w an example that I can see how it goes.

Well I guess that is all for today since I can't get pics up

Saturday, January 5, 2013

tearing toast: The Year 2013: 1. Suano: 0.

tearing toast: The Year 2013: 1. Suano: 0.: This is why I never make New Year's Resolutions. By 7PM, January 1, it has already blown up in my face I wanted to try making more meals a...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some assembly required

OH Boy we are building today! Easy Street starts coming together! WOHOO!
So These I think are corner units. Yeap there are 4 so these are corners
The Quality Assurance on this job has been lacking! some of these are too wonky to sew w. corrections are required!!!
Finished corner unit!4 done!
Unfortunately I made 15 of these instead of 12 AS THE DIRECTIONS CALLED FOR!!!! So I am ripping unsewing so that I can use the parts in the other places.
I just realized that the Flying geese blocks are reversed on this block! DANG! I need to pay more attention to what I am doing. I already Un-sewed the corners bc I reversed them!!!!!
 This should be called some assembly required. and some Disassemble! see my seam ripper on the block corner? yep it is in wrong!!!! I made 2 yesterday afternoon, both required Additional removal and turning of parts.... I also see a flying goose clock that is turned wrong.... HOW many of these do I Have to make????? ARGH!!!!