Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mice and Men! & Featherweights!

I had planned on a quickie post about a class I'm going to teach on Great Granny Squares, this Thursday at my Senior Center. I had planned on posting some pictures of my Featheweights while i was sewing on them.... But as plans go... It isn't happening.

A couple of the woman participating do not have machines that are portable, so I'm bringing 2 of my Featherweights (YES I have about 8 of them.... and then need new homes!) So I asked DH if he could look at one that is making a funny noise. Nancy Sue a 1955 featherweight!

WELL I blew a circuit when I plugged it in, the wire was not properly attached to the plug. He rewired it. He asked why I wasn't using this other one (Alexandria... she is a tramp, and has a tramp stamp on her back) It isn't running well; freezes up on me. He oiled it got it running well, BUT!!!! the amount of oil! it will be leaking on my fabric.... He takes Nancy Sue (1955) downstairs to work on the plug and the noise. I try to run Alexandria and she is totally froze up!!!!

So now he is taking the motor apart, cleaning it up,says it has never been greased! OH my what a mess.... and no sewing done!

time for dinner!

He was able to get Alexandria running really well, she is a beauty.... However i was not able to get any as in ZERO! sewing done.I wish she wasn't so shiny, you could see her decals. There are some dings, and scratch marks that come w age. But she has been well taken care of. You  can see here what I call her "Tramp Stamp" it's someone's name on the back. Hence her name Alexandria! I will probably be keeping her.


  1. Love your name for the machine!!!! :)

    1. Thank you! when she wasn't working, I was calling her TRAMP! LOL