Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grateful week

Can't believe that it's been about 10 days since I posted. I'm not like some people who can post 2-3x a day, I'm having difficulty reading all those people and keeping up w their lives.

So heres' what's been going on in my world.
1) I did a class at the senior center to get more people involved in quilting. there were about 6 of the 8 people who signed up. We did Great Granny Squares. next Thursday we will have a follow up to finish.

2) I did take pictures, but didn't ask permission to put them here so I'm waiting.

3) I went to the Ice Fest in Hamilton Ohio, w my Grand teen, and DH stopped briefly at Bella Quilts too, to pick up a ruler for someone. Yes I bought a little fabric but only 1/4 yd

4) I have been working slowly on my Easy Street, I need 4 more blocks to finish the blocks and start assembling the quilt.

5) I haven't had a lot of time to sew this week bc of BIL being ill. He is MRDD and lives at his childhood home for now. He has a daily care but is now at age 70 having some dementia and kidney problems.

6) I work out 4x a week. 2 days yoga, 2 days Pilate's or trainer time. It takes more to keep this old woman in shape!

7) Monday I did yoga, then changed clothes and went to the north side of the city to pick up the Grand Teen we had a day planned that started w lunch and Ikea, then some stuff she wanted to do, Plato's closet! Well TG I stopped to change and chat at the owner of the yoga place, I was 10-15 min away from the HUGE wreck that happened on I-275 In Cincinnati on the 21st! OMG the pictures are scary. As it turned out 79 car pile up, several semi trucks, w one 12yr old fatality. It took me 2 hrs to make what should have been a 45 min drive!

I feel gratitude and sorrow at the same time!

And here's a pic to leave you with one of my Fetherweights, I was sewing strings, no project, just seeing how well she ran after DH worked on her.

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