Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sew On Wednesday

My BIL has been in a nursing home since Feb. The family has decided that he will not be able to come home. We did try it once and he landed back in the hospital again.

Having said that it is now time to start cleaning out the old homestead where he and his siblings, and parents lived for 70 yrs! OMG the amount of stuff. I've already appoligised to our children for the mess we might leave them!

However I was able to 'liberate' a few vintage items, hand embroidered doiles and crocheted things. One of which was this towel:

There are some really bad brown stains on the towel. I did wash it, soaked it in Clorox 2 but still they maybe be part of the vintage look. If anyone knows how to them out please leave me a message. I also need to find some way to hang this on my sewing room door.

I love the detail of the flower!

I'm sure my MIL made this, or maybe her mother, for my SIL. I don't know that she wants it, because I didn't know I had it when I was washing a bunch of linens. Can't think of any way to turn it into a quilt! So I guess I will show it to her and ask her if she wants it. I bet she will!

These little bird doilies are so sweet. As you can see though they have seen better days. I want to use the different sizes in a quilt. Again, I'm not sure how I will do that. Maybe it will be a light weight coverlet.

There are 2 sizes, and one is slightly different w the side flowers. I have a couple of other ones. they will lend themselves nicely to one quilt. Now who has a good idea????
These sweet little perching birds are my fav!
There are only the 2, so I am going to have to do something very special with them
There are a few of these too. I think about 4-5 total. I had two loads to wash, of linens and aprons etc.

As you can see in this close up the fabrics are different. This is a coarser linen. And one of them also is stained.

So I'm hoping to get some responses on how to incorporate them into a quilt, and maybe how to get the stains out. I think I can live with the stains though.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Nothings changed, except for my fabric stash!

It seems like nothing has changed in my quilting. SIGH!!!

However I do have 2 quilts mostly made for the 4 wild women(as we call our GDD's) and 2 planned in my head in my head now that I have replaced some of the fabric with New purchases.
                                                           OH my!

 I also need a GRANDSON quilt The Wild Women have a brother, who's 11 and I wouldn't want to leave him out of the quilt process, all though he has one quilt. is one enough??
This one is still on  th design floor.
2nd quilt for the Wild Women

First quilt for Wild Women

 this one just needs borders,

I had to take a short 2 day trip to Chicago to drop off one of my DD's. That was exhausting, but I did some retail shopping on the way home.

Stopped at a really quaint, areain Lockport Il. called Thimbles where I bought some fabric to go with a future quilt I'm planning using an Eleanor Burns pattern. I saw it on PBS, so I have a vague idea about the pattern. I know it is on the Web, so I will be looking up her shows to get details soon.

They directed me to Roberts sewing center which although my GPS ("B" in a box) didn't give me directions too I was able to find it fairly easily.It's actually in Joliet /Crest Hill IL. That is a really nice quilt store!!!I wish I had taken pictures!The upstairs not only has clearance fabric, but it has a lot of older machines, cabinets that people have upgraded from, industrial machines, and a work space.There is an elevator to the 2nd floor too.
If I lived near there, I think I would be visiting often.

I bought this nice indigo print there, and I see a blue and white quilt in my future.

My kids have all laid claim to one of my oldest quilts,which I see as a learning experience, there are so many mistakes on it. Including the fabric was cheap inexpensive and is now ripping. All 3 of them had input for the design, or the quilting on it.Maybe I need to remake that quilt 3 times??? UGH. sounds boring....It's actually the Lady of the Lake pattern, with a TWIST. making diamonds.
but that indigo would look nice to duplicate that pattern
The hand quilting hasn't held up to the years.

I have another quilt that needs the sashing on, and quilt it so that I can give it to my DD for her wedding present(7/6/13!) I have reserved the right for it to be done in 1 year.
 So any new quilts will be after hers.

Sew Many Quilts.... Sew little time!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finished Hole in the Barn Door.

This has not been an easy week, Family issues have me down. however I did finish this:

and was able to get it to the person by Thursday.

I was making the quilt with donated fabric from our Senior center. The pattern, hole in the Barn Door, Shoo fly, and I think it has a few other names, I saw in an old magazine. I used donated scraps for the whole quilt, only purchasing the batting. I used Rose Cream from Joanns, it is very thin, but it is not my favorite. However it works well.

 My free hand feathering looks better at this end of the quilt than the start. Well I got better with practice.
 I wasn't as accurate w the stencil quilting my hearts like most peoples are a little wonky! Still I think it looks good after washing.
 Even here I didn't have the control I would like.
 A couple pictures of the back
 and the front finished, and washed.
 As I was finally assembling the borders and making the back to fit, I found out that my cousin's son was diagnosed w bladder cancer. I discussed it with my Senior group, and we made an executive decision that it was OK to donate this quilt to him.

 As I was quilting it I added prayers to it, one word like Strength, Love, Peace, Healing. I tried to make it not very noticeable but they are in there.

I hope he and his family are doing well, and are healing through this very difficult time.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bathroom issues

Ihad an early morning meeting on Saturday, and came home starving wanting to fix breakfast. I knew DH had planned on working on the bathroom upstairs plumbing today as there was a leak some where.
I however was not prepared for this:

and this:

 Or this:

Apparnetly the bathrooms connect in the wall and the drain pipes (PLURAL) were rotted away!!!! who knew. Rather than take out the vanity,or the wall, they took out the medicine cabinets and DS practically crawled into the wall head first to cut off the pipes and then to replace the pipes, and then to make sure they were sealed.

I choose to do this:
 since we are having people over tomorrow for a cook out I have to get all of the medicine cabinets cleaned (who cleans those???) and all of that stuff put back in. Needless to say I did throw away a lot of old stuff.
they made matters worse, by dropping something that they needed and had to take out the medicine cabinet in the downstairs bathroom too.
That's right 3 messy bathrooms to clean now.