Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finished Hole in the Barn Door.

This has not been an easy week, Family issues have me down. however I did finish this:

and was able to get it to the person by Thursday.

I was making the quilt with donated fabric from our Senior center. The pattern, hole in the Barn Door, Shoo fly, and I think it has a few other names, I saw in an old magazine. I used donated scraps for the whole quilt, only purchasing the batting. I used Rose Cream from Joanns, it is very thin, but it is not my favorite. However it works well.

 My free hand feathering looks better at this end of the quilt than the start. Well I got better with practice.
 I wasn't as accurate w the stencil quilting my hearts like most peoples are a little wonky! Still I think it looks good after washing.
 Even here I didn't have the control I would like.
 A couple pictures of the back
 and the front finished, and washed.
 As I was finally assembling the borders and making the back to fit, I found out that my cousin's son was diagnosed w bladder cancer. I discussed it with my Senior group, and we made an executive decision that it was OK to donate this quilt to him.

 As I was quilting it I added prayers to it, one word like Strength, Love, Peace, Healing. I tried to make it not very noticeable but they are in there.

I hope he and his family are doing well, and are healing through this very difficult time.