Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bathroom issues

Ihad an early morning meeting on Saturday, and came home starving wanting to fix breakfast. I knew DH had planned on working on the bathroom upstairs plumbing today as there was a leak some where.
I however was not prepared for this:

and this:

 Or this:

Apparnetly the bathrooms connect in the wall and the drain pipes (PLURAL) were rotted away!!!! who knew. Rather than take out the vanity,or the wall, they took out the medicine cabinets and DS practically crawled into the wall head first to cut off the pipes and then to replace the pipes, and then to make sure they were sealed.

I choose to do this:
 since we are having people over tomorrow for a cook out I have to get all of the medicine cabinets cleaned (who cleans those???) and all of that stuff put back in. Needless to say I did throw away a lot of old stuff.
they made matters worse, by dropping something that they needed and had to take out the medicine cabinet in the downstairs bathroom too.
That's right 3 messy bathrooms to clean now.

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  1. Oh no... sorry to hear. But at least you have a handy husband and son. :o)

    Love that quilt on the frame.