Friday, September 20, 2013

Nothings changed, except for my fabric stash!

It seems like nothing has changed in my quilting. SIGH!!!

However I do have 2 quilts mostly made for the 4 wild women(as we call our GDD's) and 2 planned in my head in my head now that I have replaced some of the fabric with New purchases.
                                                           OH my!

 I also need a GRANDSON quilt The Wild Women have a brother, who's 11 and I wouldn't want to leave him out of the quilt process, all though he has one quilt. is one enough??
This one is still on  th design floor.
2nd quilt for the Wild Women

First quilt for Wild Women

 this one just needs borders,

I had to take a short 2 day trip to Chicago to drop off one of my DD's. That was exhausting, but I did some retail shopping on the way home.

Stopped at a really quaint, areain Lockport Il. called Thimbles where I bought some fabric to go with a future quilt I'm planning using an Eleanor Burns pattern. I saw it on PBS, so I have a vague idea about the pattern. I know it is on the Web, so I will be looking up her shows to get details soon.

They directed me to Roberts sewing center which although my GPS ("B" in a box) didn't give me directions too I was able to find it fairly easily.It's actually in Joliet /Crest Hill IL. That is a really nice quilt store!!!I wish I had taken pictures!The upstairs not only has clearance fabric, but it has a lot of older machines, cabinets that people have upgraded from, industrial machines, and a work space.There is an elevator to the 2nd floor too.
If I lived near there, I think I would be visiting often.

I bought this nice indigo print there, and I see a blue and white quilt in my future.

My kids have all laid claim to one of my oldest quilts,which I see as a learning experience, there are so many mistakes on it. Including the fabric was cheap inexpensive and is now ripping. All 3 of them had input for the design, or the quilting on it.Maybe I need to remake that quilt 3 times??? UGH. sounds boring....It's actually the Lady of the Lake pattern, with a TWIST. making diamonds.
but that indigo would look nice to duplicate that pattern
The hand quilting hasn't held up to the years.

I have another quilt that needs the sashing on, and quilt it so that I can give it to my DD for her wedding present(7/6/13!) I have reserved the right for it to be done in 1 year.
 So any new quilts will be after hers.

Sew Many Quilts.... Sew little time!


  1. So many things going on at your place, I was out of breath by the time I finished reading. I love the idea of replacing your "learning" quilt and how nice that your kids want your quilts.

    1. Thanks Gari! I haven't been finishing much....

  2. You've got some fun quilts going on for your wild women (love that nickname). Good luck on your DD's wedding quilt.