Monday, April 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday.

I have been absent  from the blog for a while. I picked up a nasty cold that triggered my asthma and most of March I was ill.
However I still carried on and did a bit here and there  on my quilts Now I have a top that is ready for the quilting, and one on the design wall. The picture on the left, is Trip to Arkansas, or maybe Road to Arkansas. I saw some one post a pic of it, and I was tired of making 4 patch charity quilts so I changed it up a little. It is all charity fabric donated to the local Seniors Center, w a few of my scraps thrown in too.

Then I have Judy's "Oh So Blue" that I saw in Quiltmaker Magazine. I knew I liked it. if I had it to do over again, I would choose a less busy light blue. However it still works. You can also see on the rt of the pic the red fabric I bought for the backing.
Here's a better pic of the borders. I really liked the pattern, it did take a little bit of thought to figure out what I was doing, but as I cut and marked the fabrics it worked it self out. I also liked having the borders "planned"  for me and cut out when I got to that part. It is something that always stalls me. I don't seem to be able to plan ahead for that.

Friday, March 14, 2014


 Recently I commented on a FB post on Quiltville's open studio about several Featherweights that I own.
I have 6 and would like to sell 4 of them. So after messaging back and forth w 2 ladies, I decided I needed to write a new post w pictures of the machines I have for sale.

So here goes. This is a 1946 Scroll face. She runs well. I've used her, and despite the handle on the case it is a strong tape job! I have bought parts for my machines here: 221 parts and they are honest and have a fast turn around.Even for little screws for the bobbins! A new handle will cost about $20.00, but frankly I just didn't worry about it. It's true what they say, grey tape can hold the world together.
AG881282:I'm selling her for $250.00

The next machine is a 1945 AG527124
She has practically no decals, but her box is nice and she runs! I actually took her to my senior quilt group last week. She was a little hesitant but after a few stitches, she was right there too! As you can see most of her decals are worn off in the front and there are a lot of pin scratches. However her box has been replaced at some time because it looks brand new. I'm offering her for $250.00

Millie Has been sold.
Millie is a 1949 machine that came to me with a seamstresses information, or at least it seems that way Her number is AJ192236. She has been used a lot, but still runs. She has a lot of attachments that I have no idea what they are or what they do! I really only quilt! Occasionally I might do a hem or a seam. She has a newer case, but for some reason it has a poke hole through it, obviously a SPINDLE problem. Millie has a lot of attachments and despite her (age) scratches on her decals, she still sews wonderfully. I'm offering her for $250.00

box with spindle hole. 

Sale Pending 
The last one is by far the nicest! she doesn't have any attachments, and her decals are almost spotless.AM162337 is a 1955 ( early 1955 from what I can tell) and I doubt that she was used much. However she does have a original booklet. Because I paid the most for this one, and she is the nicest. I would like to get $300.00 for her. 

 If you are interested in any of these machines you can contact me through here. I do have a pay pal account. I would expect the buyer to pay for shipping. It can be calculated on FedX. or UPS. I will not ship this through the US postal system, or out of the lower 48 states. (sorry my intercontinental

Sunday, March 9, 2014

OH SO Blue

I saw this quilt and didn't realize it was by Judy Laquidara It's a Blog I really love. And she has Monday Linkups for what's on the design wall, or in my case the design bed. Once a quilt gets to this size I no longer can keep it on the little closet door I use for my design wall.

Hopefully I will get it done and on the Long Arm before the month is over. I have actually started sewing the larger blocks together. No fabric was bought for this quilt UH this year! LOL I actually bought these fabrics in December. Well maybe not as it came out in the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker magazine.

This is my Grand (Drama) teen! She turned 16 this month. Hard to believe. Her aunt my DD3 loves to decorate cakes and made this one for her.  I loved the 2 pics I took of it so I added it to the blog. It was tasty too!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I've been finishing quilts lately. Mostly because 2 of our 3 computers have either died, or are very ill! I have lost most of the pictures I had on the laptop. But am hoping to have the hard drive looked at and have them pulled off. Still I know I have lost a lot of things. I have an external hard drive, that was backing up both computers, but I can't seem to get the info off that for the laptop onto the sick computer. (really it just OLD). We did buy a new iMac mini, which is still in the box. DH was going to put it together, and use the monitor from the desktop. However my attempts to 'save' the info I have on it took 2 full days! now a month later, I'm still trying to "Find" my saved items.

While waiting to down load items, I have managed to quilt a donation quilt,
Donation quilt

and finish 3 of the 4 quilts for the " wild women".

The second one is done w the quilting, but still on the frame.

I have 2 more to quilt,
Eleanor Burns Pink Lemonade

and one to make for the grandson. I don't want to leave him out of the process. I was thinking of making Bonnie hunters dancing 9 patch but I finally choose a pattern called Slanted triangles. I  changed the design on the quilt for the grandson's quilt called slanting triangles. But I have decided to change the design as the directions are not accurate, nor was it big enough.

Back after quilting

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celtic Solstice

I'm still working on Bonnie Hunters Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt. I'm amazed at all the quilters doing variations on it, color choices, design adaptions ETC. The FB group has been so busy it is a full time job to keep up with all of the posts.

I have to admit I can't even try to!

I'm really liking the quilt top. I've been ill w my usual winter sinus/Asthma/Bronchitis again. With the drop in temp below 30 since New Years I haven't even tried to go outside. Hence I'm sewing a lot. Still so many people are ahead of me :( I know it's not a race.!!!!

This AM I was feeling well enough to finally get my kitchen straightened up some. Then I tore into those last 5 blocks that were done wrong.  See my cute pins marking my errors!

After lunch, and a breathing treatment, I plan on starting the quilt assembly. I have not decided on how to put the border blocks together. I know I'm not going to do Forest Jane Jacobson's design.( from the FB page) I just don't want to cut more blocks out. I don't have EQ 6 so I couldn't load it on to mine ( I have EQ4). But I saved her pic as a JPG, and was able to Print and study it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year post

I do want to post more often in 2014. I also want to finish the pile of WIP and ones that are in my head too! (there are at least 6 there in my head)

I've been working on Celtic Solstice. I have 4 blocks on my design wall and am thinking I should have stuck to the darker Blues on it. Some of my Blues are patterned and are too light. I've not put them together yet, and am thinking on it.

The large white triangles are facing the WRONG way, they should be pointy side in, I have changed that, but didn't take another pic.

Today I will sew some more on it, get some more of the blocks up on the design wall and shoot a few more pics. I love the subtle secondary designs that are going to be visual in this quilt.

I realized after I posted this picture that the points were in the wrong way. I kept looking at it and couldn't figure out what was wrong.

DH thinks these lighter blues need to be taken out too. I can see the difference when I put all darks up there. The secondary circles are showing up.

So I guess I will be ripping and resewing this week. Sunday into Next week we will be having '0' degrees, and 6-10 in of snow. Tuesday they are saying a high of 2! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
We have had more cold weather and snow this yr than the last few that's for sure!

Stay warm!

Friday, December 27, 2013

For You Tammy!

A friend of mine was c/o of her sewing room being messy and she sent me 2 pictures…. I only wish that my sewing room was that neat! I still have not cleaned all of my fleece out of the dining room where I cut PJ bottoms. I have 4 UFO’s in my sewing rm and one on a bed in the spare bedroom bc it needs borders and then quilting. That’s what I’m claiming.

But today DH wanted to go to this town near us Waynesville, Oh and I love the Fabric Shack! I bought a lot of fabric. However, I dropped my grand teen off at her house after she spent the night w us. We had gone to the Nutcracker the night b4. While there (for 10 min!) I managed to leave my purse behind! If DH hadn’t of had some cash, I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything.  My hero! He gave me a $100, and I spent $99.80!

future projects
 So I got a Moda fabric bag. Says I’m a fabricholic…. Now why would they say that????


Now what’s on my sewing table is the mess uh quilt in progress from Bonnie's Celtic Solstice. Of which I am so far behind, that I have stopped working on any of my other UFO’s/WIP to try to catch up.


spare bedroom overflowing shelves.
And no that's not all of it, I have some over flow, and some in the closet!

WIP, and Future projects.......
I thought i should share my current project, Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice .
I am behind. But I'm hoping by the end of today to start on Part 5....I'm using the Pinwheels as my Leader ender, now that I have finished the 4 squares. They were the leader ender for the pin wheels...
Now I have to finish the Chevrons! and assemble them.
 I think the saving of the "bonus" triangles is part of the slow down.