Sunday, December 20, 2015

Allietare part 4

I don't know how some you get so much accomplished! I have managed to get mine cut out and that is IT!

Friday I assembled the fabric, panicked because I couldn't find my blacks.... then found them. Finished a quilt for 2 of my DGDs... commissioned quilts I've been working on for the LONGEST time! TOO LONG. Glad they are finished and so are they!

Went to Pilates, came home to go to the grocery, and run around a bit with DH to see some Christmas stuff.
Saturday I insisted on at least CUTTING out all of my pieces. Then we went to several antique malls in the area. A LOT of driving to do all of that.... stopped in at a quilt store
and bought some fabric (1/2 price) for a future project. Then on to YET another antique mall. He did buy another Bridge Lamp. Got a great price on it. and I found some buttons for a friend of mine. Came home and threw some dinner together. Then proceeded to make 3 batches of cookies for when the grands come over TODAY to bake cookies!

DH has a special kind of bar cookies he likes (they are OK) But I was really tired by that time and while reading the recipe I read 2 tsp of salt.... no it was 1/8 tsp of salt, and 2 tsp of cinnamon!!!! I tasted the dough after they were in the oven as I was cleaning up.... YUCK! he is trying to save them. He hates to waste anything.

I promised to make him another batch.

Here's a link to some Featherweights from a previous post that I need to sell. I have too big of a herd. They have been sewn with by me after cleaning and updating small repairs. Scrollwork-Featherweights for sale


  1. Hope you had chance to get more done now that the holidays are over.

    1. THANKS! Actually getting closer, rows are sewn, pressing them, and adding the corner pieces,