Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scrollwork Featherweights

Again I have accumulated a few Featherweights that I want to sell! I try to pick up some ever so often and do the repairs, get them sewing well and resell them. However I've had these for almost a yr, and have not gotten around to fixing them up, until recently. I'd like to get $325 plus shipping, and I take Paypal of course.

1938 AE990039
First off I have a cute little 1938 with a serial number of AE990039. I've replaced the feet, oil pan felt, and cleaned her up... she purrs when she sews! Her stitching is as good as when she was bought.
beautiful stitches

box is not in the best of shape, but it has a handle and locks!

accessories for 1938!

Next Is a 1937 AE409553
I did as I did for the above, and DH (who is an electrician) has checked over the electrical on both.

The box for the 1937 is in really good shape, handle, locks, no keys though.

1937 AE409553

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