Monday, August 26, 2013

Design wall/UFO

Have you ever have a project that you started because you wanted to make the pattern, then get into it and start to really dislike it???

I found this pattern in an old quilt magazine and decided to make it at my senior center group as a donation quilt. I've been working on it at the center every Tuesday for TOO many months!!!! When I was at home I was mostly working on my quilts, this was a donation quilt, with donation fabric.

I got it out last Tuesday, after the 2 weeks I had missed when my life was 'hijacked',  as one commenter said last time I posted. I had totally forgotten where I was with the project.

I needed one more row, actually only 3 pieced squares.when I figured that out last week, I did cut them out, start sewing them, but needed to leave early (my BIL was having a procedure. and had been in the hospital, he is Developmentally Delayed from Birth, and now at 71 has Dementia) Yesterday I wanted to get a little sewing done on it.

I've decided it needs to be done this week! So that's the plan. I finished the 3 squares, they need to be pressed.Then added to the plain green squares, and sewn together. Of course I need borders, just because I like borders. I'm just using strips for this.... not 1/2 square triangles like the original was shown.

Finding something for the backing, I think I have something for that, and get it on the long arm, that I haven't used in 2 months! ARGH.... I think that all this stuff with BIl, has made me want to JUST be finished with something. It is the closest to being finished. Although this just needs borders to give it some more length and width.

Sorry I don't have a pic of the whole thing, but it is all pieced, just waiting for the borders. I'm actually making 2 of these, w a color variation.

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