Thursday, January 31, 2013


So here's the plan, Birthday, on Jan 25th, usually I'm on a spiritual retreat, but not enough participants it was canceled. That's OK I'll go to yoga, then sew Easy Street together and it will be ready to go on the quilting frame! (of course I have another 2 quilts that need to be quilted first).

While I was at Yoga DH called me to tell me BIL had fallen, He didn't want me to leave yoga, but to meet him at BIL house. BIL is MRDD, and doesn't communicate pain well. So of course he has a broken wrist and hip. I did finish yoga like DH told me to, but we have spent most of the past week in the hospital w him bc he communicates so poorly.Making sure he has pain meds b4 his PT. Nures" are you in pain?" BIL "NO" then a scream when they try to get him up.

Also since he is right handed he can't handle a fork/spoon w his lt at all.

So  here is where I am at w Easy Street:
and OH no what is this???
Can you see where I have sewn 2 of the same color blocks together? HA! so I cut the bottom one off. I'm not unsewing and resewing at this point!
All of my strips are together, I just ahve to put the end triangles on the right way, and here it waits for me to do that.
DH is at the Hospital still w his brother they still have not transported him to the rehab facility; maybe tomorrow.
I have spent the day working w the ladies at the senior center; we have been making great granny squares, some are experieiced quilters, some novice. It's been fun, I can't wait till all the quilts are done.
Nothing finished today, including mine. I do have borders picked out, and helped 3 of the ladies get to a place where they seem to know what they are doing.

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