Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Finished!

Actually I finished this this past week. Nothing fancy on the quilting, Just wanted to Get Them Done! This is a quilt for my niece I think I promised her one 2 yrs ago... I'm not that fast but this went together well. Its often called Wanders Path.
This is a baby quilt that I whipped up with out knowing who is the recipient. I just wanted to use up some of my scarps. It's going to my yoga instructor who had a BB on Dec 24.
and the back of the quilt with a picture of the embroidered label.

Now I'm working on another BB quilt using the bonus triangles from Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt, Grand Illusion:
This is all the farther I have gotten on it.

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  1. Both of these quilts look great, and you are right - get them done is wonderful! Your label on the baby boy quilt is really neat. Thank you for the sweet words about my GI Mystery Quilt progress. And you are right, the individual parts were easy (excepting step 2 ;) . It's the putting it all together that is exhausting.