Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Viral illness

Hi All, I seemed to have gotten the virus that everyone else has cough that won't stop, which has triggered my Asthma. I went to the Dr and am now on Prednisone, which makes me crabby, shakey and wanting to do a lot of things.

I'm almost done w what I have been calling the "ugly" linus quilt. it looks the same, only the quilting is a tighter pattern, and I'm farther on the quiltl

Today is a gloomy chilly day and a perfect day to sit down and finish those last two passes w the machine. Cut and bind it could take up the afternoon. But instead, I need to pack, shower and get ready to fly to Phoenix this PM. I'm bringing my mom back to Cincinnati for at least a month.

If I have time, I want to visit a couple of quilt stores and one book store out there. Diane Gabaldon(Outlander series)Poisoned Pen Book store lives near where my mom does, so I was going to stalk the book shop the Poisoned Pen, see if I can see her. The latest book will be out some time this yr, I HOPE! She left us hanging a coule of yrs ago.

Ok I need to go finish packing.

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  1. Love her books. She spoke a couple of times at NAU when my son was a student there. I went up one time and it was a great talk about writing and book tours and I think it was maybe Snow and Ashes that had just come out at that time. The Poisoned Pen is a great store for mystery lovers! Weather-wise, shouldn't you be going to Phoenix for a month instead of your mom coming to Cincinnati this time of year? =)