Friday, February 8, 2013

Lazy Morning.

I'm having a Lazy Morning. I have a Yoga class to go to in 2 hrs, so I've been sitting and reading email, shopping on Amazon, and thought I would do a little blogging.

The one lady has embroidered a BEAUTIFUL butterfly quilt squares. Althought they are not on Cotton, and the borders she picked are not cotton, which to me makes it difficult to work with, DESPITE all of that, it is going to be beautiful.I don't have a pic of it yet, it is laid out on my spare bed. She ran out of fabric for the borders, because many of them were sewn wrong, and cut different
widths. They are going to work on it Tuesday at our regular group.

I did however get ALL of Easy Street together before the ladies came over.

my next step is of course to put a border on it, and get it quilted, but I have 3 other quilts that need to be quilted first. 2 are crib sized, so they should go fast. I think of them as my practice quilts. I'm going to try to put them on the frame, one after the other. if I can find enough batting, or they may just go w Fleece on the back and no batting.

I have a lot of bits and pieces of batting so there should be enough. 

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