Friday, April 26, 2013

Retirement is hard!

Not Much is happening in my world. I decided I was going to get my Easy Street quilt quilted, but I need to make the backing. The fabric I have is not large enough. Not a deal killer, but I always like the backs of my quilts to look nice too.

Plus it's going to my niece so I want to put her name on it. I spend a day making the wording look good. Still have not written it in indelible ink. and I want to sew the piece into the quilt backing.

My DH's DD3 is getting married in July. I have talked about her quilt in the previous post and still have not made a decision on the sashing fabric. Her wedding shower is next Saturday. I saw these really cute cookies decorated like a bride and groom. Heart shaped cookies in a Wedding dress and Tux. There's no way I would do this by myself, But I have a friend (who also cleans my house OMG I must clean up b4 she gets here!) who is very gifted in decorating things like this. She's available Sunday and is going to help me decorate them.

That means that I need to make the dough tonight, refrigerate it, and bake them up tomorrow. Of course I'm supposed to drive up to see my DD north of the city, tomorrow and take DH to a train show that is around the corner from her. ARGH this retirement is hard.

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