Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wedding shower Cookies

I had a fun weekend. I started w making some cookies for my darling step daughters(DD) wedding shower. I did 2 bathces of rolled cookies on Saturday and Sunday. Usually I work Out w DD and a trainer on Sunday AM. but I called off sick. A frined of mine was coming over in the PM to decorate the fancy hearts in to bride and groom cookies!

I call these the bridesmaid cookies! LOL she free handed the decorations and I put the red sugar crystals on them.
Then she made these !

and THESE!
It was amazing to watch her work I had bought the Fondant for her the day before. it was very stiff and hard to work.
here she's rolling out the fondant to 1/4"

She took each heart and cut the shape out for the tux, and free handed the lines on it!
These were awesome!
I was no help what so ever!
Photo: 24 hours after cutting my thumb and the nail partially off, I ended up going to the ER to get it to stop bleeding. 2 hrs in the ER and I'm home w orders to leave it alone for 48 hrs, return if it starts bleeding again. Then take the dressing off after 48 hrs. I think I will go read a book. TG I had a tetanus shot in 2010. I hate those.


  1. Those cookies are absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you! they were a hit at the bridal shower. The bride was awe struck.