Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing prevention

This is supposed to be a quilting blog, about things that I quilt/sew. but I have nothing to show or share.

Since I posted last, I have been at the Hospital for 10 days helping to take care of my BIL who is Developmentally Delayed. He has since returned to the nursing home unfortunately they are the ones that caused his problem to be so bad. BC he has behavior issues, we found it impossible to get him to any other facility. Even one that had cared for him 6 yrs ago.

OH well I doubt that they will make the same mistake again. DH has just left to go visit and help him eat dinner. On Tuesday BIL has a scheduled surgery to change a kidney stent. It's been a roller coaster ride w him since January.

Just trying to keep up w the house work, when you come home at 7 PM from the hospital is too exhausting to even think about sewing. I did manage to get some of my vegetable garden planted. Now to figure out how to get the Deer to eat elsewhere. It's too small a plot to electrify.

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