Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun at the International Quilt Festival Cincinnati!

The International Quilting Festival is in town this week. I spent the day there  yesterday with Alice the woman I worked on her Butterfly quilt HERE and here we are at the Quilt Festival.Photo: At the international quilt drastically

It was really nice to have someone to oooh and aaahh over the quilts with. Last yr I went by myself and still had a great time! Everyone there has something in common.It's easy to talk to strangers at a quilt show.
 I bought some fabric to go with this quilt:
I bought fabric in the Kaffe Fassett collection several many yrs ago. And I started making the blocks. I then decided that it would be a good quilt to give to my (step) DD for her wedding in July 2013. But I knew it wasn't going to be large enough, they have a queen bed now, and they will need to up grade to a king after they move. A large queen is the biggest I want to make. So I added some white sashing to the blocks

No matter what I did though the sashing fabric I had that coordinated w the quilt was not enough!!!! I placed the whole thing in a shoe box and it has been a UFO for quite a while. So here it is with 2 fabrics I bought for the sashing along w the coordinating fabric for the borders. I purchased them from Fabric Fanatics (Plano Tx) Their batiks were very reasonable at about $10/yd

This is the coordinating border fabric, which I love and will hate to cut up!

 I know that Jo at Jo's Country junction.Jo's UFO you do have to page down to see here version. I'm going to send her a link to this quilt hope I can get some comments that will help me decide which fabric to use for the sashing, the Blue batik, or the tan and Black?
DGT is also coming over tomorrow to photograph the International Quilt Show for me. Hopefully I'll have some pics to share. She is a better photographer than me.


  1. Hello...
    I did pop over to comment. I think I would use the first, or brownish, fabric. I only have about half of my blocks completely finished. It's on my sooner rather than later list of projects to finish.

    1. Thanks Jo! It's still not cut so I'm not sure which way to go w it. I pass by it several times a day, and I'm leaning towards the blue!

  2. Love your star blocks! Glad to hear you had a buddy to go with you to the Quilt Show.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)