Thursday, April 18, 2013

Continuing the journey.

Along with my quilting Journey, I'm a life time Weight Watcher trying to get back to goal. It takes 2-3 days to gain 5 lbs and months to get it back off. This week despite being a fantastic food plan week, and exercise has been great too, it has been an emotional week. However I didn't look to food for comfort. I was in control and was able to speak my mind at a conference planing the care of my BIL, and that is a whole other me!

I do want to share some quilts from the Internations Quilt Festival Cincinnati. If you get a chance to go it is so nice!

These are tiny Hex's appliqued to make the flowers. Something I will never do it's too tiny.
Here are some flowers that both my DGT and I loved they were appliqued, and painted I think.

 I've blown this pic up so that the Tulle and sewing can be seen. very intereseting way to get demention and applique on it.
Even htis Herron is appliqued in more traditional way, but I think there was still some painting on it.
I was these on Thursday and when I saw them on Saturday I realized that they had taken 4 sunflowers and cut them into 4ths and sewn them back together! OH MY. the beading and decortations on each flower is consistiant in all 4!

I love the little bird on top of the flower.

This is just a typical applique flowers. but I loved it. I wish my own garden was so nice.
Again my favorites are the appliques.... but those are also the ones I don't like to make!

these 2 birds are so similar and yet so different.
DGT didn't get another shot of this rambling rose. At least I haven't found it yet in the 137 pics she took. It's done over a pieced quilt! that's a lot of work!
That's all for now. I lot of pics and hopefully it will spur my imagination on.

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