Monday, March 25, 2013

Too busy to post on my Blog

I've been too busy this past couple of weeks to post to my Blog! I haven't been getting much sewing down either.

I've been working on this:
I'm a pattern follower. I like to follow the pattern and don't really like to change the way it's made until I'm into it for a while. After making the mock up and cutting out all of the pieces the way the Pattern called for them I realized that it was just a Flying geese  and I didn't have to do it the way the pattern called.
A 5.5 inch square and then a 2 &7/8  square sewn twice 1/4" from the line

 Cut on the line, and then another 2&7/8  square sewn on the line from the corner of the square that you cut, or rather the 1/2 that you cut.
I went back to Bonnie Hunters page on the Easy Street pattern Flying geese She has a video on that link that shows an easier and I think more accurate flying geese. As you can see it is off by about 1/8 of an inch!
Even though I followed the directions and the cutting on the line and all. It was not accurate.
So I'm finishing it the way I cut them, but bc I'm making 4 similar quilts, w slightly different fabrics I will be switching to the Easy angle method.It just seems so much easier to me.
This goose doesn't look like it has any 90 degree corners!
It's also snowing to beat the band, but we are not getting the 1-8" of snow they threatened us with this past week. Seriously! They started Winter Weather Watches 2 days ago. And now I don't even think there is an inch of snow out there.

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