Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Featherweight AG530646

Last year, I became slightly addicted to Ebay! Yes I know, know your limits.... and apparently I didn't. I know own 8 machines! OMG I don't need 8 of them!

They are each unique and I have posted some of them here.HERE &HERE I would like to sell them and have priced them as I think they should be.

However I have 2 more 1946 And 1945 machines that I just don't have the time to fix up. I;m also not a s good a photoghrapher as my grand teen! She is awesome! very detailed in her pictures too. Maybe it's that she has a more awesome camera than me! I used a Sony Point and shoot for these! LOL But you get the idea.

First off I want to show you a 1945 AG530546

Her decals a a bit scratched and someone (NOT ME!) The back of the machine How shows the pretty decals can be.


The Box Bowever needs some TLC. I know that a new handle can be purchased, and reattached, I really haven't had time to get around to it. The latches work, and the sewing machine can be carried the way it is.
There is also a tray w the case, but I didn't get a good picture of it. Like I said I'm using the point and shoot Sony! It or maybe I have some issues getting a good picture of a black tray.
The nicest thing about this machine is that she is a scroll face! Which is my favorite part of the old Singers. You just don't find as nice a decoration on more modern machines. Don't get me wrong, I have a Pfaff w all the bells and whistles and I love her to death! I wish I could get the automatic needle threading attachement for the older machines! It would be great!

Now the real question is does she work, does she sew????? yes she does! the motor isn't as strong as I would like, but she humms when she runs! No clicking, no knocking, even stitches. I think the tension is a little off, but all things considering she is a beauty.

Motors on Featherweights also require cleaning and greasing. I have not taken her's apart to  see if it will make a difference.

In her present condition, considering that she needs only adjustments to the tension which could be just the thread or a new needle. I feel that she is worth $250.00.

Contact me if you want to know anything more.

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