Thursday, March 7, 2013

Early Wake up call

I was up at 5AM this morning! The hall light was on and shining in my bedroom. I din't leave it on last night and DH asked why it was on. I turned it off and heard someone downstairs, my mom is staying with us and she says I knocked on her door and told her I was leaving. I do have an appointment to work out at 9:30 and was planning to leave early. I would have knocked on her door to make sure she gets up. She is diabetic and does better if she eats at regular times.

However she was making a cup of instant coffee and didn't notice that it was 5AM!!! or that it was still dark out! So we sat and drank coffee together. She ahd already done her morning routine, and fixed some breakfast. after her coffee and our talk, she went back to bed, and I am wide awake!!!!

No progress on my quilts yesterday. It turned in to a  DR visit an then an allergy shot visit, and by the time I got home from the second one and stopped at the grocery for a few things it was time for dinner.

I did decide to tear out a shawl/sweater I've been making. the guage is way off by about 4" HERE I bought it last April at the Cincinnati show of the Houston International Quilt show I was thinking I might actually get it done. But laying it out I could see that it was OFF!!!!! Darn it anyway. My mom did tear it out and reball the yarn for me. Which was painful to watch but I know it I would not be happy if it wasn't done right and didn't fit!

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