Sunday, March 3, 2013

Featherweight AG527124

AG 527124

This is the last featherweight that I have she has had a little bit of a rough life.Here's the bottom, and you can see her 'feet' are old and need to be replaced. but other than that the bottom is very clean.

She does sew a pretty stitch, better balanced than I remember. after first receiving her. All I've done is the basic cleaning, delinting, and oiling which is standard for any old gal....

There is a screw on the 'deck' where it folds up in the rear that is missing adn the four feet on bottom look like they are melted.

Someone used something to clean up the deck of the sewing machine and it has diminished the shine. the decals as you can see are almost gone towards the front of the machine, but the back shows how beautiful the decals were at one time.

Isn't that a pretty stitch! I've used 2 different color threads on this scrap just to prove that there isn't a problem w the tension. Of course changeing a needle, different fabric, and same threads are important in tension too. Right now there isn't much of a problem.


  1. Carolyn,

    What do you have for sale in your feather weight collection?

    1. The one's I've shown here are all for sale. HAve sold one, the oldest one. but the others are for sale. If you have any questions please email me at, or leave a comment here.