Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowy Day

Oh we did get a snow fall last night! they were threatening snow for about 3 days (REALLY!!!) and we have about 3-4 in out side.

 It's really beautiful! but COLD!!!! I can't say that we have had all that much snow this year, I think we are actually low on the snow fall totals.But this system really droped some inches.

I do have to go out this AM, as my mom has an eye appointment to get to. But other than that, I'd be home in the sewing room all day!


I've been working on this which is a trip around the world quilt. I like the wild stars and curls that i did free hand!


On this one you can see the backing a little. I did finish the wild stars and took it off my Midarm last night. Then I spend about an hr not completely cleaning off the sewing table. Today I'm hoping to cut it down and start pinning the binding.
I'm not going to sublish a pic of the whole thing, until it arrives at it's destination. I want to surprise the new owner.
Well I have to get out there and shovel some snow w DH. He's on the tractor, I'm going to get the shovel and do the front walk.

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