Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little of this and a Little of that.

After our Florida vacation, I needed to get in the garden and start planting somethings, Beans, and tomato's mostly. WEED a lot. add more compost to the garden, add some flowers, and put up the DEER FENCING!!!! I should have a pic of the garden but apparently I don't.

OMG the deer will eat all of my crops w/o a product called Deer netting. It is actually a large net, that is 7 ft by a few hundred. on fencing one can't even see it but the deer don't like it touching their heads/antlers so they avoid it. I believe that they could jump into the garden but they don't.

I planted some deer resistant plants on the outside of the garden as I have for a few yrs.
Finally a finish on my Easy Street quilt it's going to my niece
 that is going to a graduate this w/e. I really felt relieved when I finished it. It was a LARGE quilt even w/o the borders. It felt like I would never get it done.

Here's a close up of the quilting well sorta. And trimming the back and batting for the binding.

When I was taught to use my mid arm on the frame I was told to safety pin the top back etc to the muslin  rollers. When I was in Florida I stopped in at  Alma Sue's  not only do they have AMISH hand quilters, they also long arm I watched someone setting up a table runner on the long arm and she was using straight pins. Hat pins actually. They have them there, but since I was traveling I opted to not purchase them. Instead I found Joanns has some 1& 7/8  straight pins, and Hobby Lobby has some 2 " pins! I used them on Easy Street and it was so much easier to attach the quilt, and they held fine! Removal was even easier.

I also took a class at Country Bears and Quilts This is their web page, not the Newsletter where they have class lists. But they have some remarkable bears all made by Francy Gordon  @Bears: Plain and Francy  She had a wonderful class and I have a new UFO! LOL It's on the list. All he/she needs is stuffing, and closing up.
He's actually stuffed, but he has this scowling face, He looks better here w a cup of coffee

I've also been trying to exercise more as I really REALLY want to get some more wt off before my DD gets married July 6th. You think I would be working on her quilt and truthfully it is on the back burner, bc I'm not sure how or what I want to use for sashing. I think it needs sashing.... But it is sitting in a shoe box w the fabrics looking forlorn!

I bought this fabric while I was at Country Quilts and Bears too, along with this:
It is for the grand girls that we call the "Wild Women". I tried to get a better pic of it but it says is 'Star light star bright First star I see tonight" I thought it looked perfect w my little stars!

 I also picked some overgrown strawberries and we made 7 1/2 pints of jam. Back breaking work picking strawberries.

I also started quilting this lap robe for the senior center quilt group:
So Although I have not been blogging, I have been working.


  1. Carolyn, your Easy Street quilt looks FANTA-BULOUS!

    Thanks for visiting me - I appreciate your kind words on my Garden Mist quilt.

  2. Your Easy Street looks great. Congratulations on finishing it! Mine is still barely even qualifying to be a UFO. It is a lot of work and blocks I'm not comfortable making, so I procrastinate.