Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Try it out Tuesday!

Well I did try it on Tuesday, even if I didn't post it till today.
I borrowed my DD's  Shark Steam Cleaner Absolutely LOVE it. I did my huge kitchen tile floor in 15 min! the mop head cleans up nicely, and I also did my steps, hallway and dining room. (hard wood)!

I also went to the Quilt Festival in Cincinnati last week and am now waiting for the delivery of my 17" Fun quilter you can see it at this link: Fun Quilter17 it's the center photo! I'm very excited, it will double my quilting space. Although it isn't what I want, I can't upgrade on that frame, but the Nolting Dealer is going to look for a used 20" and a 10-11ft metal frame. Maybe I'll be able to upgrade. Maybe I'll just love it and be happy.

I have 1 baby quilt made that I can practice on, and plans to cut some blocks to finish another one that I started. Both will be a few weeks out b4 I'll be able to do it. I think that will be good timing.

Sorry no pictures today. I have a meeting in an hour too!

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