Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And then there were 6 (Featherweights that is)

I've slowly been selling off my Featherweights. Only 2 so far. I really haven't put a lot of effort in to it. So I thought I would re post my pictures of what I have left.
All of them sew beautifully, I've re greased, oiled and fixed somethings.

She's a beautiful 1955 and very clean.
Here is a 1946 scroll face who also has been adjusted and sews great!
 She obviously needs 4 new 'feet' which can be purchased on line

Pretty little scroll face of the 1945-6 era.Her decals don't show up well, they are worn where hands have sewn for decades.
Her one draw back, is the handle which is easily replaced. and can be bought on line.

I hope you can see on this picture how great she sews. Her decals don't show up well, they are worn where hands have sewn for decades.
Let me introduce "Millie"  I named her, bc there is info in the box from the original owner. She must have made all her and many others clothes, bc there are a lot of attachments.

 Although this is dated 1950, her serial numberAJ192236 is from 1949. She too is really nice, sews like she is brand new.
My last one is AM162337
I actually took this one with me when I went to Florida and attended a workshop. She is in pristine condition.

Even her box is in fabulous condition!
Blind stitch attachment.

A close up of her decals.Most of these I was $250.00 for but this one I think is worth $300.00.                                               I have 2 others, that I am keeping. It was a hard decision as to which to sell and which to keep.                                     


  1. Just checking to make sure of the prices--All except the last one are $250 and the last one is $300? One of the ones for $250 looks like the decals are pretty much worn off. It may be the angle of the camera, though. Is it $250?
    I bought the 1935 featherweight earlier this year and had it painted turquoise like the 1957 Chevy and she is gorgeous! I named her Simone, like the actress, Simone Signouret (sp?).

  2. My email is nankc at comcast dot net if you want to email me privately. Thanks!

  3. I send an email relply back to you, and yes the costs except for the last is $250.00. No the decals are not "perfect" on some of the machines, they have wear and pin scrathes. But when I'm that old I will have wrinkles, and grey hair!

    They all run great. the exceptions to the conditions are listed w the machines. If you are interested in a specific machine I have other pictures.

  4. Do you have an estimate for shipping to 29223?

    1. To your zip code it would be w fedx ground $18.38. I have a bid on the last one. AM162337, but it is not completed yet.

  5. Hello Carolyn... I am interested in the last Featherweight listed, if she is still available. Would like to see more photos and an estimate on shipping to Northwest Illinois. Thanks.