Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What have I been doing??

I upgraded from my Pfaff Grand Quilter on a frame, whihc don't get me wrong was a great machine! To a Nolting 17 Fun quilter.

Mike fromMemory Lane Quilting came out on Saturday and assembled the new machine, We loaded it w a couple yds of ugly fabric ( Sorry Bonnie Hunter, I didn't want to cut it up) and a scrape of batting that I had been saving for a baby blanket.

It ran great while he was here. He doodles well w it too! I even tried some feathers. I had some difficulty after I changed the bobbin out, and advanced the fabric.

It seemed to be pulling on me, like there was a burr on the needle. I adjusted the height and that seemed to help, and the tension of the bobbin. I hate messing w the bobbin tension. But who knows what thread was in there.

I wish I had taken pictures of him and the assembly of the frame. It was a 2 hr approximate task. Since I have some experience w quilting he left after some other info. I finished quilting that scrap, and am not turning it into a Dog blanket. Plan on sending it to one of my kids She can use it in the car. I've set up a second sample a little larger to practice on, but bc I'm out of batting I'm waiting to find it.

I think I might have some creme rose for Joanns. I thought it was too thin and haven't used it in a while. I prefer Hobbs 80/20 but that seems hard to find locally.

 After I finished that blanket, I proceeded to load another practice piece, and ran through the exercises Bc I was still having trouble w the stitches. It also seemed to be rough, noisy, and not as smooth as the one at the show.
I called and emailed him, but it was the week before  July 4th, I think he had said he would not be available. I had a wedding on July 6th, DH's Daughter was getting married. So he did come out the following week after the wedding.
Adjusted the machine, played with the machine, and then I tried the one out that he had as a demo at the convention center. NO comparison!
So I spent the extra bucks to purchase a newer used machine!
It worked so much better, I was able to easily do my normal doodle quilting, followed a stencil, my feathers still need to be practiced,
but so much better than before.
Well the computer is not uploading any more photos. I guess I'm done for the day.

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