Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sewing with the grands

It takes a lot of time to post a blog. Hats off to those that do more than one daily!

I've not had a "Friday finish" or been able to show anything NEW on my knitting needles. I have been sewing.

The 2 of the grands 7&10 were over this week and we made jammy bottoms. Only because of all the running around, and chattering I cut the front of one pair at a different length. So I shortened the back and tightened them up w elastic for the younger of the 2 girls.They actually did all of the sewing, w just a little assistance from me. One is a lefty, and it is harder for me to teach lefty.... I sat opposite her to teach her how to pin. My poor table, I don't think the cover is damaged, but they really didn't understand about pinning. "it's not a nail!" 

Here's the Finished Pair:                                                           and the second pair:


They had to be home before we finished them. I finished the hem and am waititng for them to return to work on the second pair. I thought we might be sewing today, but she has a BD party to go to. Maybe monday.... they are too busy. They both loved sewing on the little feather weight!
But here's what I've been working on:

It's a fabric I had for a long time, the fairies in the center of the star blocks. I bought the neutral at Rainbow's End Quilt Shop in Florida, Actually the Fairy fabric is also from there.
 This is for the second quilt similar to the first, I'm making a TON of flying geese.
 Also this is part of my Leader Ender project.

here is the main block of the leader ender project. I made one complete block, then finished all of the 1/2 square triangles. My Grandteen started me making this quilt, so I gave her the combined 1/2 square triangles some made into Flying Geese units, and all of the center squares so she can combine them for me to finish. She needs to do something on it, if not sewing it together she needs to own it some how.

I'm also making this at my senior center quilt group. It will be a teen sized by the time it is done. I saw it in a magazine and wanted to make it.... But it too is taking TOO long. I brought it home w me hoping to get the pieces pressed, and joined together. I will need borders too.

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