Monday, December 8, 2014

 Hi all I've had a lot of issues getting photo's to load.... it's a search and find thing. I posted on FB and Janet Mercer helped me out. As I've been unable to post pic.... Now to go back and ADD pic to some older blogs!
We went to the Horse parade in Lebanon, Ohio and also to Waynesville, Ohio. I saw a few antiques sewing machines there. None came home w me, but I know many are interested in machines. I thought the note on the treadle was interning. "key and 2nd shuttle and mysterious accessories in #13 locked case"! LOL it was $175! Not sure if it was worth it.

Wilcox seen at Mulberry street antique store, in Lebanon, Ohio 

1950's worn to silver decals

1950+'s Feather weight case it's seen better days
Also this WILCOX machine and wooden case. I think the price was $350. I  could be wrong. I'm not that interested in it. They also had a very pretty 1950's feather weight, but it was pretty expensive for my taste. $350. I didn't see a box and now am upset that I didn't ask.
BC later in Waynesville I did see this worn to silver and beat up case of $250. I think it should have been for sale fro a lot less.

As for my Mystery quilt hook up... Here's some fabric I bought in Waynesville at The Fabric Shack.

I didn't choose any of my fabrics with Bonnie's paint chips, I decided the Friday it started, when I found  these at a shop in Madison, Indiana. It's called  'Fabric Store'!  None of his fabrics are recent, looks more like buyouts. But I'm OK w that. Here's what I got there :

and did this with:
This is step 1 completed, and the beginnings of step 2.... Now enough of this fiddling around... I've got some sewing to do!


  1. Your bright happy fabrics look great!

    1. Thank you Andee. I just tried to find colors that reminded me of geraniums.

  2. Pretty! ...I've never used the paint chips either..