Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mid June, the garden is doing well this yr. Peas have been producing enough for us, and the green beans look like they are ready to flower.
I did get a few salads out of the garden this yr, but no heads of lettuce. I really don't know how they are produced. I think earlier planting for one and less seeds for another. I pulled them up last w/e as we are now getting 90 degree temps. I knew that they would bolt. My Potatoes are growing like crazy. I have had to add wood to their raised beds 3 times! Rethinking my plan for next yr. As they are getting so high. I think I need to make a 4 foot high bin!

Quilting has been going slowly. I'm working on another donation quilt that is the Road to Arkansas design. I have several babies due in Oct and am thinking about how to use my scraps, and the numerous 1/2sq triangles that it has produced. So far they are too small for what I had planned. For the baby quilts.

I also have a baby quilt on the frame. I need to add the batting and pin down the top. So far this week all I have done is get the backing on the frame!

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