Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring has finally sprung, the flowers are blooming, and the warmer... and cool breezes too are coming in through my window.

I've not been working too much on my quilts, as I have been working on my garden only  to have the deer break in once again and ravish my plants! DH and I took up two posts. Literally pulled them out of the wet ground and replaced them this W/E, Then I replaced the deer fencing. hopefully reinforcing it enough to KEEP THEM OUT! My peas are up about 1 inch too.

I've almost finished the Road to Arkansas quilt for Linus. Pinned and needs binding sewn.

I really liked the Road To Arkansas pattern, and I can see me making it again. It's a great scrappy quilt, easy to do.

I bought an attachment for my Nolting 16" so that I could use rulers. I also ordered a Baptist fan ruler and used it on the Linus quilt to practice. Not too bad for a first try! Charity Quilts are so good to use up scraps, and to try new things with. Here's the ruler and the RULER MATE

Today I stopped in at Sam's club to obtain some frozen berries. They have the best price, Strawberries, cleaned & sliced! I found a present for myself A NEW IRONING BOARD! It's more stable than my old one, and is wider 18". I like that it is adjustable too. My old one used to be, but w age all things become less flexible!


  1. Ah you have a Blog also! Mine is "ataleoftwoquilters@blogspot.com. My husband was born in Cincinnati, grew up in Indiana. Interesting. Your peas are up, and I am just preparing the place to plant them. Caroline Sullivan.

  2. Your quilt turned out really pretty! I like that ironing board, too. I haven't seen anything like that in my local Sam's.