Thursday, October 31, 2013

Paid to quilt

A friend asked me to quilt her string quilt. I agreed, but wanted her to get me some hair product as she can get it REALLY cheap. Well she brought me 2 shopping bags of hair product! I just wanted a few bottles of Shampoo! LOL I will have to start washing my hair everyday!

So she brought me her string quilt, and bc she doesn't see quite like she used to, and is new to quilting, it would not lay flat on the quilting machine. I was very worried about it but proceeded.
 I had to take some 'tucks' in a few places where it just wasn't quite right.

Although it isn't 'squared' the way it should be, it turned out pretty nice. I have had a busy week, w mammogram, w/o schedule and other things I needed to do but I was able to get it quilted.

I'm going to trim it today, and bind it w the background fabric. just wrapped around. I wasn't going to bind for her, but after she gave me so much stuff...

The finished quilt above.
You can almost see the swirly design here.
I still have some unfinished projects that need to be done by Christmas. Although I am rethinking that time frame.

These are the WILD WOMEN quilts, I need 2 more. They will be different though. These are also finished being pieced and are about ready for quilting.

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  1. I really like how she framed her string blocks with black. Makes them Pop!