Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stealing Time.

Lately it seems as if the world wants all of my time, and there is no ME time, AKA sewing time. The house needs cleaning, BIL's house needed emptying, laundry piling up, DW needs to be filled or emptied. All those things and I can't quite get any sewing accomplished.

 But I have found that if I steal a little time here and there, I can get a lot accomplished.

So What have I been doing the past week or so?
brought in all of my savable plants and took cuttings of my geraniums hoping they will grow.... I have a pic of the Geraniums but blogger doesn't want to up load it. :(

Brought all my Orchids in last week too and found some re-blooming! They love the hit humid summers, but now we are in the Cool Autumn fall weather and they have to come in. Hoping some will still bloom this winter as they have shoots!

I did get to the Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville Ohio, and visited one of my Favorite quilt shops the Fabric Shack where I was able to get a clearance sale fabric for the borders on the WILD WOMEN'S quilts.

I'm changing patterns for the other 2 of the WILD WOMEN'S quilts (I need4) and did manage to cut some of those strips out, calculated the fabric I will need for the 2 quilts. I'm using Eleanor Burns Pink Lemonade for the pattern.  you can see it here: pink lemonadeShe has a video, that was on PBS, very good inst and although I have her Flying geese tool, I use a different system. Her's looks confusing to me, and I just can't wrap my brain around it. I guess I will have to call it something else since it isn't going to be pink w those purple fairies! LOL

 While in Waynesville, I found these cute little hand made fairy houses, and garden ideas. I was intrigued because it was very different. So i splurged and bought one. mine is on the rt. w one of my plants behind it.

These small toy sewing machines were at an antique store in Lebanon Ohio, not far from Waynesville. I took a pic, just because I had not seen so many of them in one place. There were a lot of Treadles too in Lebanon, but I didn't take pic. Maybe I should have since this is about sewing. Oh well next time I'm there.
I've also started putting the strips of sashing between the blocks for a quilt I am making for my DD and her new husband.
I figure I will leader ender it till I get it done. It's the same UFO that Jo is working on atJo's Country Junction. Her's is scrappy, mine is "controlled" LOL I'm sure it will be loved. Scrappy would have allowed me to make it BIGGER though. As I am out of the matching fabrics. I still have a huge piece of fabric to make a border w that is in the same colors but a WILD print.
Now I really have to get to cleaning the house.

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  1. Your odds and ends is awesome. I like the red squares in the middle. Kelli did that on hers when she made it.