Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vintage Thursday

I'm not much of a vintage collector, but I have been for several months been cleaning out my BIL's house. He has been in a nursing home (NH) since Feb. He is developmentally delayed, and has dementia also. After a fractured hip and wrist, he was placed in a NH. A couple of other illnesses, surgery, and returned to NH, we attempted to get him back home, and it just didn't work. So we have sold his house, where he and DH, lived all of there lives. 70+ yrs of stuff... papers, dust... old dressers etc...
I found a few things to take, old buttons, a Montgomery Ward sewing machine that needs to be rewired, LOTS of buttons, needles 2 thimbles... and this:
I thought at first it was a salt/pepper shaker, but it's just a little statue made in Japan!

Amazingly the kids most all came and helped empty the  house out. taking some of the stuff home to their houses. Still there were things that we didn't need. The neighbors took some of that too.

we are done, glad to be done too. the house is sold and now I just have to get all that stuff put away. A large amount of it is BIL's clothing that needs his name put in it, inventoried, and taken to the NH.
Ive been using my  computerized sewing machine on some of them to permanently put his name on things. the rest are getting sharpied.


  1. That's a very sweet timeless figurine.

  2. A lifetime of treasures and memories for our loved ones, gone forever. I know that is life, but still sad. In time, you will be glad you kept some things. I am sorry I did not keep more,

  3. Oh I'm so sorry, it must have been so very difficult to make those decisions and to start cleaning out the house! It's lovely that you got to save a few treasures and that everyone got together to help x